Do you read when traveling in Ourbus?

“Don’t look at what great men do but look at what they read”- so goes the saying. Warren Buffet spends five hours a day to read without interruption, no meetings, no notifications and certainly no phone calls. How does someone so important and busy make time to read so much every single day? Well, by maximizing his time and weaning out the inessential they say!

If Warren Buffet can find time, I am sure we all can. And what better than finding time during your comfortable commute using Ourbus.


Most book lovers don’t need a push to read something. They are often itching to grab their book, a coffee mug and find a quiet reading space. Hell, I can read in hell or high water or if there was a Tsunami hurtling behind my back, I would probably look up a pun and giggle to myself blissfully unaware of my surroundings.

Then there are those who cannot read. Chaining them to a lamp-post, imprisoning them by a desk or bribing them with literally anything cannot make them read.

But most people are interested in something. Maybe the stock market, maybe cookery, baking, gardening, horticulture, the best barbecues, traveling or learning a new skill. And most people are curious about something- perhaps gossip but curious nevertheless.

Combine the two and you have a winning combination. There is no one on earth who can’t learn. They just think they can’t read. In order to learn, one doesn’t necessarily have to finish thick books beginning to end. Neither does the reading have to be boring or sleep inducing.

For people who can’t read:

  • Don’t read. Listen. Listen to audio books during your commute. You can alter the pitch, tone and pace to suit your comfort and make it comfort inducing.
  • How about reading articles NOT books. Read a collection of articles on the topic of interest.
  • Read experiences by people in the field you like- the best chefs, most followed backpackers, best stock brokers. Learn from their experiences.
  • Read stories about topics your like. Articles and essays can be boring, stories with real characters can never be boring.
  • Finally, read comics. Some people simply like pictures better than words and a good story always has learning even in comic books.

So what are you going to read during your commute today? Don’t forget to book your Ourbus tickets though!

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