Successful people maximize commute time- Productivity tips from Ourbus

If you needed ONE MORE reason to convince you to ditch driving and hail public transport, a recent survey suggests that bus commuters are less stressed and have better moods than those who drive to work.


And it is our pleasure at Ourbus to help you not just reduce stress but make the most of your commute time to work. Daily commute is an inevitable reality for most people. In the big cities and particularly in DC and NYC. Whether you are a student, corporate professional or a business person, unless you graduate to owning your own helicopter and helipad, you cannot avoid the commute anytime soon. Trust me I know how you feel on those particularly long days as I fantasized about a Helipad for a long time during my commuting hours.

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But fantasy apart, there are a few useful and productive tips to help you maximize your energy levels and actually create your own space even in a long commute. We at Ourbus ensure to provide you the kind of facilities that make it better for you.

Tips to help you create your own space in a long commute

  • Change your shoes

    Most work shoes look good and feel terrible. Even for men. Women could ditch their heels and men the crisp Suede formal. Or even the nice looking loafers which are white or tight and switch to comfort sneakers or old worn out slippers. Nothing feels like coming home when you get your feet off those shoes! You can make home arrive faster by starting the process in your bus seat!

  • Adjust your seat

    Now that you have comfortable footwear, it might be very tempting to slouch or relax in your seat. But ironically it is most recommended to continue maintaining a crisp and upright posture. Posture is like exercise- it appears to be tiring but in fact makes us relaxed and energized. Continue to maintain good posture, sit straight as you would at work.

  • Snack smart

    Nothing energizes the body more than a swig of water and bite of something good to eat. Stock up on a light snack- not too heavy to avoid feeling queasy. Its always good to carry something nutritious when on the move. Personally I hate looking for and waiting for a bite and would rather be armed with one when its a long stretch.

  • Network and socialize

    My mentor always suggested that during the first 30 days of work, sit next to a new person in the cafeteria. That way you would push yourself to strike a conversation with a completely new person, make friends, work on your networking, communication skills and confidence. While in long commutes it might sound intrusive but you would be surprised how many times we see the same faces but never end up having a conversation or even asking for their name. Go ahead talk to someone you know today on your ride back home.

  • Downloaded university coursework

    Successful commuters seek mental activity from pre-downloaded university coursework. There are accessible lectures from The Great Courses, taught by credentialed college professors. Audio books are also a great idea with no strain on the eye and a good respite from screen time.

  • Spend quality people time

    Many couples or friends who commute together use this time for quality bonding keeping conversation more personal and off mundane and routine household/work topics.

So grab your tickets for the next ride with Ourbus. Who knows which of these above is going to be YOUR reason for looking forward to your daily commute?

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