What OurBus has changed in the face of public transport system?


Several studies in several countries has collectively found some of the common reasons about why people do not feel like travelling with public transport or why people are losing their trusts on bus trips. Here are some of those reasons and the solutions offered by OurBus in return in USA for now. These solutions will not only tempt you back to bus riding but will also make you the fan of it.

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The Ways OurBus has changed in the face of public transport system

  • Delay in boarding: The reason can be anything i.e. traffic, bus issues, etc. People hate getting delayed at the time of boarding the buses. They have prior commitments. And this delay cause them great losses. With OurBus the problem of this issue is solved as the bus is always on time until and unless there is natural calamity.
  • Lack of information about ETA: Sometimes it gets really frustrating when you don’t know the ETA of the bus. And had to stand on the bus stop for long hours. OurBus has solved this problem as it offers real time tracking service where travellers can check the exact location of the bus all the time.
  • No Seats: There is no concept of no seats or standing during the commute. If you have booked a seat with OurBus then there will be a seat available for you when bus will reach you at stop.
  • Numerous stops: Bus stopping after every 5 minutes literally frustrates the commuters. However with OurBus you will be informed prior to the booking about all the stops. Hence you will be aware of all the stops and will not be nagged by numerous breaks in the journey.

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