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Where’s My Bus?


OurBus’ Real-Time Bus Tracking Feature Gives Passengers and Loved Ones Peace of Mind

A story inspired by OurBus Travelers

One of the things my father explained to me when my wife and I were expecting the birth of my daughter was that there will be many milestones in the years to come. Some of them will be moments to look forward to, others will come sooner than you expect.

We reached one of those milestones this past weekend when our little girl went on her first trip out of the city, all by herself! When my daughter’s best friend moved to Baltimore last year, we knew this day would come. As 15 years old, she has been commuting to and from school, as well as her extracurricular activities, for years now, but a bus ride to another part of the country is new for us, and raised all sorts of anxieties for my wife and me!

Where is my bus

We explored our travel options, and based on our research, we found the most affordable intercity bus service and accessible option was OurBus. Although buses are dependable, as a parent, one wants to know where their child is at all times, especially if it’s their first time traveling! Once I bought the tickets online and received the boarding pass email, I clicked on the link in the email that would allow me to track the bus throughout every stop. There’s actually a free app OurBus has that was very easy for me to download. Once I opened it, I was able to track her exact location while it was in transit. It felt like I was taking the ride with her. I saw when she got to her location, and I was able to track her whole trip back home.

I am happy to say that she made it back to us safely and she reported that she had a great ride with OurBus! Once we picked her up from her drop off stop, she wanted us to take her out for ice cream. She may be old enough to travel the country on her own now, but she’s still our little girl!

Where is my bus



Can I share bus tracking with friends or family?
Yes! Tap on Share ETA on the app or your mobile boarding pass to send the tracking link directly to others.

Is bus tracking available for all OurBus trips?
Yes! Whether you’re traveling on a bus from NY to Boston, Ithaca to DC or Zionsville to Chicago, you can find your bus in real-time, starting at about 30 minutes before the departure time.

Where’s My Bus?

You can track any OurBus bus or shared taxi ride in real-time. Download the OurBus app on iOS or Android or tap on the link in your boarding pass email.

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