Spending your vacations at home can be bliss!


You will never hear anybody say that they don’t want to spend quality time at home especially vacations. The word home itself bring so many memories in the mind that the idea of spending time at home is like taking a pill of ecstasy.

Some artists even quoted that,

Home is a long, bear hug with someone you love.

The line itself shows the intensity of emotions a person can share, so spending time at such a place is always bliss for everyone.

Everybody has a different idea about vacations some love to explore the world where some people love feeling relaxed at home. One can smell the aroma of that amazing home cooked meal from miles away.


The food which is made out of love makes the taste buds do the tango, the idea of meeting everyone and reliving the good ole days, teasing each other, those brotherly fights, motherly concerns are something which can pull you from any work towards the route of your home.

Nowadays work and education bring people to different places which are away from home but those who understand the comfort and love of the home are always eager to come back even if they get few days to spend in this eternal bliss called home.
It is the feeling which no one can explain or analyze but only can feel and enjoy.

Every mile moving towards home brings those butterflies of excitement in the stomach which won’t let you sit straight during the whole ride. This is something which everyone knows thats why they dont comment on the stupid grin you have on your face on the day of going home.

Happy Vacations!!!

People usually travel from their work place to their home through different modes e.g. airways, railways or take a bus ride to their home. A bus tickets is always cheaper than the flight tickets or rail tickets.

But it also depends from where you are travelling from. If you are traveling to your home from any city within 200 miles then bus ride should be a sure shot preference.

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