Advice you get all the time for traveling!


Bus Travel- Be it a short or a long distance travel, people are always full of advice for the travelers. Some are real funny where as some have real worth in it. So here are some of the best ones you get before your trip. Dont blame the article if you end up rolling on the floor because of laughter. It is worth the effort.

You would have taken a bus ride at least once in your lifetime and we are pretty sure that you would have received some of these advices that time.

bus ride

  • Be there before time or you will lose your seat. Really! Just tell me how you can lose a booked seat. People don’t understand the facts, they just advise.
  • Value your valuables. Guys wake up! Services like OurBus are free from these scandals hence the chances of thieves on board are next to impossible. Times have changed.
  • Temperature can be deceiving in the bus so wear proper clothing. Please stop kidding; the temperature in the bus is adjustable as per the needs of the travelers. So wrapping up is not necessary.
  • Stay aware at the bus stops. The services in current days like OurBus do not stop anywhere at unscheduled stops. They have a planned itinerary about the bus trip and where to stop and for how long. So it is the safest way of traveling.
  • Keep a track on GPS to check if the bus is going on the right route. OurBus itself offers the service of tracking where you can track the location in the booking app itself. They are professionals not just some random people so the trip is no doubt a safe one.

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