Don’t Forget To Visit These Places in Washington DC during Your Trip!


Washington DC is situated on the east coast of the USA. Very few people know that it was founded as the nations capital in 1791. It has a historical significance in terms of politics as well as architecture which makes it the best tourist attraction in the country.

People from all over the world come to visit the hidden treasures of the city. So next time whenever you are booking a bus trip passing through Washington DC, then don’t forget to stop and feel the history of the state.

Some places which you can’t miss are:

The White House

the white house

If you have an interest in history, archeology, politics or exploring. Then the White House is something which you should not miss during your bus trip. The White House is so popular that it receives around 20,000 emails per day and only a small fraction of emails are selected for the President. There are 1,035 rooms and 3 elevators in the White House. So, it becomes a major visitor attraction in Washington DC.

National Gallery of Art
national gallery of art

The National Gallery of Art is located in the National Mall which pays tribute to every kind of art. The gallery mainly consists of sculptures, prints, paintings, photographs, decorative art, and medals. All the items presented in the gallery are unique and need to be appreciated by every pair of eyes at least once in a life time.

The Lincoln Memorial
lincoln memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is located on the western end of the National Mall. It is a tribute to Abraham Lincoln. One of the most popular presidents of the United States of America. The construction of Lincoln Memorial began more than a decade ago. Thousands of miles to the south of Sherman Hill and the summit rest area. The memorial also holds a perfect life like statue of our 16th president which is a massive thirty six foot tall marble man and an amazing sight for every visitor.

These are many other tourist attraction points in Washington DC. So, whenever you get a chance to visit Washington DC, don’t miss any of these places as they all are important and beautiful in their own way.

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