Alone but not lonely – OurBus takes care of the Lone Traveler

Are you amidst those who love to connect with people – who love traveling on their own in a defined budget- love exploring places- or just wish to escape the dramatic society? Well, you are not alone my friend. There are thousands of people who wish to escape and want to spend time alone without any hindrance.

solo traveler

The foremost things that come in the mind of a solo traveler are the cost of the travel. Selecting the mode of travel and with whom they are going to share the journey with and how comfortable the ride would be. This is a concern of every solo traveler and in this case, they are always on the same page. OurBus has the solution to all of their concerns, be it regarding the long haul journey, comfortable rides, bus tickets, pick up or drop off locations. OurBus proves to be an ideal option for solo traveler!

OurBus here comes as an icing on the cake. Keeping all the obstacles at bay. OurBus offers super luxurious coaches to take your solo traveling to another level. Trust me, you cannot resist yourself till the next holidays. If you have travel plans for New York to Washington DC or vice versa. Then, without a second thought, you can board the buses provided by OurBus. Here is to why OurBus can prove to be the best for traveling alone. Keeping in mind the safety and quality of services provided.

Scroll down and find more reasons to ride with OurBus and get inspiration for your next vacations!

Plan your visit:

Planning in advance surely helps you in segregating things to ensure smooth traveling all the time.

Save up and know your budget:

Even if you have a bucket list of places to visit. You won’t feel broke as the prices are really affordable as compared to the cost of what other bus providers offer. So get ready for your trip without stressing about your budget.

Select Destination:

Select your destination via the smart app or via the website. OurBus has touched every nook and corner of the country. Making it much feasible for you to travel from one part to another. The user-friendly app or even the website wouldn’t make you feel stuck. And simultaneously offers you options to locate the pickup and drop off locations along with the images as well. Isn’t that great?


If you feel trapped amidst the dramatic people or even the extroverts while traveling, then its actually quite difficult to travel in your own space. People repeatedly invade your private space without realizing that this could be annoying at times. At OurBus, we are much more concerned about your safety and privacy, thus offering you your space while traveling.

Reclining seats that are way too comfortable and ideal for long-haul journeys, extra legroom, with free wifi and separate electrical charging ports is a bonus.

Track your Path:

Track your location feature is another commendable option that lets your loved ones know exactly where you are you are while traveling; where and when the vehicle stopped, and for how long. You can send the exact location to anyone in no time.

Request A Route:

The first crowdsourced company, allows you to request a route of your own preference. Its really simple and has been very successful in the recent days. Visit the website or download the app to know how these options work. Make your travel worth remembering and sharing with your loved ones.


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