Way back home, lets get started!


Are you a prankster or a surprise giver or both?

Don’t worry we have ideas for everything for the kid in your heart. Since you are on your way back home and want to make a grand entrance which everybody remembers. The grand entrance can be filled with laughter and a lot of teasing if you are a prankster or it can be a great surprise if you know how to make that work.

So are few ideas to make your entrance a memorable one in a unique way. Remember, we are not to be blamed for the consequences.

If you are a prankster!!!

Going back home with a cake in hand will never bring suspicions on you and you can laugh after the big reveal. So here is the trick. Buy a car washing sponge and cut it in a round shape. Once you are satisfied with the shape, decorate the sponge with frostings, sprinkles, chocolates, any way you want and pack it in a box of cake.

Once you reach home, offer it to get it cut by the one you want. All eyes will be moist with laughter when they will try to get a piece of cake.

So before going home bake some cookies with a unique mixture. This unique mixture includes dark red chilies. Finely chop the chilies and mix them in the dough in high quantity and offer one to everyone after reaching home. And have fun while watching their amazing expressions.

So most of the grand entrance pranks are related to food, but they are the only ones which will never make anyone suspicious before the trigger.”

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