Winter is coming – so grab your cheap tickets in a cozy Ourbus motorcoach

“As soon I hear the phrase, “”winter is coming”. My mind starts playing a symphony and I start picturing the iron throne. However, I hate the cold that winter brings along. Categorically and unequivocally, I hate it. Yes, the change of wardrobe, feels great. It gives me an opportunity to sport snazzy coats and jaunty scarves. But I am pretty much like a cat tucked by the fireplace. I love staying warm. So would you if you happen to commute every day in an uncomfortable coach to your university or workplace.

I get it, trust me.

I get it much more than you imagine that I do. And that is why we provide the most convenient and cozy mode of transport at Ourbus to make your winters better. Because hey, the world doesn’t stop because winter is coming, a person has to do what he or she has always been doing!

But there is more to the silver lining of a gloomy winter cloud. What it really means is winter is coming so play outside while you can. So, play outside as I do.

Here are two great recommendations for the NYC regular. Whether you are a local who hates the tourists spots or a weekly-local travelling from Ithaca or Washington DC, these two recommendations by the locals wouldn’t disappoint you. Moreover, Ourbus provides spot to spot transport into the city and intra-city to help you to get to these places without any problems. After all, you do need to get your doses of coziness in between a winter outing .

Dine and wine on Stone Street

 As the lore goes, this is the oldest paved street in NYC, reminding one of the by-gone era. Its a lovely cobblestone path which allows only pedestrians and portrays a fantastic array of restored buildings. The go-to place for partying or just an afternoon outing basking in the sun, the street offers a variety of restaurants and bars. It still remains the all-around fun, al fresco day-drinking venue and remains a local favorite in the quiet financial district.

South Street Seaport

 Most of you might know of this seaport due to the massive destruction left behind by hurricane Sandy. But sometimes, a good thing can still come out of an unfortunate disaster. The rebuilt area is completely revitalized and par recognition. In fact, most locals living in that area vouch for transformation visible to them first hand. Brand new stores, eateries and farmers markets are flowering in plenty and so are the old timers reopening their ware after the restoration. Best hint from a local website: there is a TKTS booth for discounted broadway tickets with a much shorter line (if any at all) than the one in Times Square.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and get into the closest Ourbus, forever at your service. You can book tickets here. See you in Southport!”

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