Guess what is NOT scary this Halloween- ticket prices @ OurBus!

Of all the fears an average human being faces, fear of public speaking apparently ranks first and fear of ghosts ranks pretty close at the third spot!! It is funny though that our ancestors thought differently about ghosts. They were scared, yes, but they also thought they could face ghosts by dressing up as their brethren. Welcome to the tradition of Halloween costume parties.


I am sure any ghost that does exist wouldn’t be dumb enough to be fooled by a Smurfsor a Wonder Woman costume. However, there are more genuine causes of fear or let us just say icky-fear in the everyday world and no it is not fear of public speaking (Er… actually that also) but fear of mounting daily expenses!! Particularly when your money drains out week on week, day on day in repetitive commute. And perhaps it might feel scary that it is not going to change anytime soon!

If it is bad enough having to shell out tens of dollars for reliable and comfortable commute, it gets worse having to deal with the rush hour during holiday season. But WE get that and we try to help!

We understand that some meetings, assignments and group studies simply cannot be postponed.

And hence we come bearing Halloween gifts; a genuine respite and a dependable mode of regular transport available at the same prices and with non-crowded seats during holiday season as well.

You got it right. Ourbus offers the cheapest and yet top class service that you can find from your university or workplace right to your home anywhere in New York or Washington DC area.

Check out our unbelievably affordable prices to avoid the festive traffic and scrambling. After all the hard work atleast, we know you need ONE place which doesn’t SCARE you… hassle free commute without the fear of rising expenses.

And yes of course- do try that Wonder Woman or Captain America costume, I am sure any ghost in their right mind wouldn’t mess with you after that…

Happy Halloween from the OURBUS team!!





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