Going to the SuperBowl? Take a Rally ride to Glendale

Going to the SuperBowl? Take a Rally ride to Glendale

Super Bowl LVII is coming to the Valley of the Sun! It’s time for football fans (and those with an interest in one of America’s favorite sports) to get more than just a little bit excited—this professional sports event promises to create an unforgettable, electric atmosphere right here in Glendale.

State Farm Stadium: a venue fit for the occasion

Widely considered as one of the best stadiums in the NFL, State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona will play host to SuperBowl LVII. It seats 63,400 fans, delivering a game-day experience that’s very close to being unmatched elsewhere. The stadium features a retractable roof and a natural grass playing surface, and is known for its unique design that incorporates the natural desert landscape into the architecture.

How to reach the stadium for SuperBowl LVII

Getting to the SuperBowl on gameday can be one of those not-so-pleasant experiences, especially if you are driving to the stadium. The endless traffic, hunting for a parking spot (that’s the worst, isn’t it), being the designated driver – all of this can be tiresome.

That’s why Rally is quickly becoming a preferred way to travel for fans. We were at the SuperBowl last year, and it was a smashing success for us, and a memorable time for fans who traveled with us.

We are going this year too, and some of the rides are already live on the Rally website. Plan your trip, from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and within the state of Arizona – some of the popular Rally points here being Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix. Can’t find a Rally Point close to you? Create your own ride!

Travel with fans like yourself and let the good times begin even before the game does.

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