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My job requires loads of travelling. It will not be wrong if I say that I travel 150 days in a year out of 365. The numbers are not exaggeration but a reality.
Because of my job I have travelled with every possible mode of transport, yeah the bad ones too. After travelling when I used to come home, I used to feel like its heaven because of the comfort and the affection of my family.

This time when was travelling in USA, I had to go to NYC from Ithaca. So I started searching for buses from Ithaca to NYC. There were loads of bus service providers. I picked one and the name of the company is OurBus. The first which caught my eye was the name. They really have picked a good name for their company.

Thinking this I moved on and booked the bus ticket.

bus ride

On the day of travel, like always I was really happy about going home. My Home is in NYC, while sitting in the bus I started scrolling the pictures of my wife, kids and parents. This is normally my favorite past time during travel if I don’t have any meeting to attend. During the memory lane my phone beeped and showed the lack of battery, I remembered that during my scroll on the OurBus website I have read that they have charging ports. I searched and it was just beside the seat. Trust me it was working.

The story doesn’t end here! It was the first time I was experiencing the services of first class flight in a regular bus. During the bus ride I was reclining on my chair because OurBus do have reclining chairs in the bus. I don’t know when I fell asleep. The bus offered so much comfort that first time in my life I feel active while reaching the home. Home is always a heaven, this time the experience was better because of my travel with OurBus.

Thank You Guys!

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