Some Common Myths about Taking a Bus ride!


Are you a regular traveller or a casual one? Do you have any prior thoughts or doubts about bus ride? Well it doesn’t matter that you are a traveler or not. However, it surely matter whether you have any pre-conceived notions about bus ride or a bus trip. Here you are going to see behind those doubts or myths you conceived so long about busses or traveling through them.

bus ride

Some myths and the reality of bus traveling:

  • They are Slow! Really, well that’s surprising because the city already has a dedicated lane for busses to avoid any hassle or traffic jam or delay in their schedules.
  • Travelling in a good bus is costly! Gone are the days when it used to be costly. Now travelling with a good bus is affordable and it also does not leave any dent in your pocket.
  • Community dominated! There is no column of stating community in bus bookings in the country or anywhere in the world. So stop thinking that people from certain communities only travel in bus or take bus rides.
  • Lack of space! Busses like OurBus are luxury busses and have umpteen amount of space. So don’t worry, people are not going to be on your face during travel.
  • Lack of Comfort! Times are changing and the market is full of different companies providing similar services. So if one company has given you bad experience doesn’t mean all will be the same. The bus companies pride themselves for taking care of all the comfort of their passengers.

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