SuperSaver Pass

Unlock the ultimate travel-budget hack: SuperSaver Pass

Unlock the ultimate travel-budget hack: SuperSaver Pass

Picture this: the open road, endless possibilities, and the freedom to explore America’s most beautiful destinations without worrying about travel expenses taking a huge chunk out of your savings. The OurBus SuperSaver Pass makes it possible, saving you $15 every time you ride, with none of the hassles of deal-hunting. It’s the ultimate tool for making every journey more affordable, more convenient, and infinitely more enjoyable.

What is the SuperSaver Pass

With the SuperSaver Pass, you instantly shave $15 off every trip you take, no strings attached. The discount is applied automatically and is just one of the ways OurBus is making travel more accessible. We believe that traveling shouldn’t break the bank, and this Pass is designed to help you cover more miles with a smile on your face.

The perks of SuperSaver

So far, more than 5,000 riders have saved nearly 1 million

SuperSaver Pass

SuperSaver Pass

using their SuperSaver Passes. And more are joining the party every day. And why not? The SuperSaver Pass is the easiest way to save the big bucks when you travel. It’s the best deal you can get, and you don’t even need to hunt for other offers. There are no blackout dates, so you can plan to travel whenever you want and save, even on holidays and peak travel periods. Moreover, you can use the discount on group bookings too, making it easier to share the savings.

Choose your adventure and your Pass

OurBus offers a range of SuperSaver Passes, each tailored to different travel needs and habits:

  • SuperSaver45: Perfect for the occasional escape artist 
  • SuperSaver75: For the regular traveler 
  • SuperSaver150: For those whose wanderlust knows no bounds
  • SuperSaver Student75: Tailored for students and faculty on the move, with extended validity and all the perks of being a savvy traveler.

Apart from SuperSaver Student75 which is valid for 9 months, all the other passes are valid for 6 months.

Embrace the journey

With the OurBus SuperSaver Pass, travel isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the joy of the journey, the freedom of exploration, and the thrill of discovery—all without worrying about your wallet. It’s your invitation to travel smarter and to make every trip an adventure to remember.

Find out more about the SuperSaver Pass, and let the journey towards a more affordable travel experience begin for you. 

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