This Thanksgiving, be the change!

We don’t notice but small- small things have a lot more impact on people. The places you regularly visit, people you see daily but don’t interact, etc. are in reality part of your life in one or the other way.
Let me ask you a question.
How do you commute to office? Subway, Bus, or Car? The story of traveling through a bus and subway is almost same. To see faces which are there daily but have never even given a smile.

So this Thanksgiving bring a change in you. Smile to the people you see daily in the bus or wish them a good day or wish them good morning or anything your heart thinks. You spend a great part of time with these people in your bus trip to the office. Be comfortable with them and make them comfortable too.


Thanksgiving has a different meaning to different people in different countries. However, the ultimate goal is same everywhere i.e. thanking God for being there and taking care of things. Just like God, these people have also been there with you since a long time. So showing a little bit compassion and affection to them is a good deed.

You don’t know, may be during your bus ride some of them wanted to talk to you just to know you but the lack of smile has stopped them. This Thanksgiving be more open, love a little more, smile a little more, talk a little more, as you never know that a simple smile from you can make a day better for someone.

Be the Change to bring the change!

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