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Hello Diary !

Like always I boarded OurBus from Washington DC to New Jersey for work.

Normally it is all same, same people, same route, and same way of passing time. However, today was something different. I don’t know why, today I didn’t open the book which I usually read instead I observed an old couple sitting beside me.

Washington to new jersey
By the looks of their attire, they looked like a simple people going to enjoy the city but when I heard their conversation, I was surprised to know that they own a big ranch in NJ and was in DC for some work. They were sounding a bit down; I think the meeting didn’t go as planned. They were short of funds and were in DC to get some funding for the ranch.

The thing I didn’t know was that my co-passenger was also listening to them. He stood up and went to the couple after listening to them for few minutes. The act surprised me. He asked them about their problem, after a little encouragement from the guy they shared the issue.

They showed him the pictures of the farm and the guy was mesmerized with their work. They talked for the whole way. And before getting down; he gave them his card and asked them to contact him personally. He said he will be happy to help in any way he can as he has lived the ranch life and is quite attached to it.

The incident made me believe that people like him are still there. And a lot can not only happen at coffee by also during bus ride. That old couple will be thanking OurBus for a long time as the ride solved a great problem of their lives.

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