The before & after safety checks you need to remember for a bus ride!

We all always take care of ourselves and our belongings during our bus ride. However, very few of us think about the safety precautions for before and after travelling in the bus. Most of working class people opt for bus for going office and coming back. We always hear the phrase, Prevention is better than cure.

bus ride
So here are some before and after safety tips which can help you stay alert and secured all the time.

  • Always make sure that you have the bus schedule handy and you don’t have to stand on the bus stop which can be isolated for long period of time.
  • Book your tickets for the bus in advance to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road.
  • Causality can happen to anyone at anytime, so stay alert. Take things seriously all the time.
  • Never speak your address loudly over a phone in public places as it can give ideas to the unwanted people.
  • As soon as you board the bus, observe your surroundings and check the emergency exit points. So that when the time comes you know where to go.
  • Try to avoid walking home alone in the dark, after de-boarding the bus. Hail a cab or taxi, no matter how short is the distance.
  • Someone trustworthy should know about your daily travel schedule. So that if you don’t contact them they know where to look first.
  • Buses like OurBus offers a real time bus tracking option. Make sure to share it with someone at your home so that they know your location all the time.

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