Why OurBus is the best choice for James Madison University students

Why OurBus is the best choice for James Madison University students

James Madison University students have many options when it comes to transportation, but one stands out as the clear choice: OurBus.
Here are three reasons why students should choose OurBus for their travel needs.

Convenience that can’t be compared

OurBus offers convenient pickup and drop-off locations on the JMU campus, making it easy for students to access their buses without having to walk long distances or navigate unfamiliar routes. Additionally, OurBus offers a variety of departure times, so students can choose the option that best fits their schedule. On top of these things, the company has a zero-penalty cancellation policy.

Comfortable ride experiences that are invaluable

OurBus buses are equipped with comfortable seating, plenty of legroom, and amenities such as power outlets and Wi-Fi, so students can relax and even get some work done during their travels. After all, everyone hates getting to college and already feeling tired once they reach the campus.

Affordable pricing that suits every student’s pocket

OurBus offers affordable prices on all routes, making it a budget-friendly option for JMU students. Plus, OurBus often offers promotions and discounts so that students can save even more on their travels. On top of that, the company offers SuperSaver passes for their students, so they can save as much as $15 on every single ride!

In short, OurBus offers JMU students the convenience, comfort, and affordability they need for their travel needs. Whether they’re traveling home for the holidays, visiting friends and family, or just exploring the region, OurBus is a perfect choice. We have recently launched new routes for the upcoming college break. Check them out here and pre-plan your spring break travel in a convenient, affordable way.

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