Being Solo on the trip – Why?

While traveling you might have observed that some people travel solo. There are some reasons as well as perks of traveling all by you. Doesn’t matter what is their mode of transport is, it can either they travel by bus or anything else. They just pack their bags and leave their home to explore.

Here are some of the thoughts behind those solo travel:

  • No rules only freedom! If you are traveling solo then you can do your own thing. You can carve your own path and can explore accordingly.
  • Your Time Your Speed Your Moment! There is no worry about going on a set pace. You can spend hours watching a sea wave or hiking a trek. Every decision is yours. Capture the moments you wish and enjoy them.
  • Any Bus Any Time! If you are comfortable in traveling during the night then book the ticket for the bus available at that time. If you like early hours then choose that.
  • Enjoy your own Company! One should also give time to themselves. This solo excursion will give you plenty of time to enjoy yourself and think about yourself too.
  • Connect or Re-Connect! Being solo means you can make new friends, meet new people, and learn new things about several cultures which are still unknown to you. People sitting next to you during your bus ride to people meeting you while exploring the city, will give you new things to talk about to think about.
  • Adventure! Enjoy your adventurous streak and live a little more.

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