Traveling in USA? Not a bad idea! Try OurBus!


Times have changed. The old days where traveling used to be hectic in USA are gone and are replaced with happy days where you have several types of convenient modes of traveling in the country. Bus services like OurBus are there to offer you maximum comfort with minimum payment. Just after your first ride you will definitely believe thatร‚ traveling in USAร‚ now is not much of a bad idea.

OurBus offers services on several routes within several famous states in the country such as buses from New York to DC, DC to New Jersey and much more.

Some of their featured services which will make you happy about the traveling include the following:

Always on time: The bus will be at the meeting spot at the time mentioned in the ticket. You will be notified way ahead of time if there are any changes.

bus ride

Facility of monthly pass: If you are in the city for the month then you can get a monthly pass to avoid booking tickets on daily basis.

Reclining seats: Your recliner at home will look less comfortable after you have felt the comfort of the seats in OurBus.

Complimentary Wi-Fi: All the travelers traveling with OurBus can avail the service of complimentary Wi-Fi during their ride for the added fun and convenience.

Charging Ports: OurBus offers each passenger a separate charging port at their seat to avoid any battery failure during their travel so that they can enjoy a non-stop connection to the outside world.

Restrooms: Every bus with OurBus has a clean and hygienic restroom in order to give your bladder a rest.

Real time tracking: You can do the real time tracking of the bus and can also share it with your friends to let them know your arrival time at the destination.

No Penalties for rescheduling: OurBus does not put any penalties on rescheduling the bus tickets if they are done 2 hours prior for daily within city commuters and 24 hours prior in case of intercity.

Easy booking: The process of booking the tickets is very simple. There is no need to wait in long lines for booking, one can do it easily online or download the app.

Happy traveling with OurBus!

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