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Is it your first time with OurBus or any bus for that matter?

What are you looking for as far as services to be offered to make your bus ride more comfortable? Feel free to comment below and we will be happy to add those as soon as possible.

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We already offer services like complimentary Wi-Fi, comfortable recliners, restrooms, charging ports, etc. Here are some more ideas suggested by some readers to us which you can also think of including in your preferences. Or else you can always suggest your own. We are working on these. We at OurBus are always eager to provide you an amazing as well as unforgettable bus trip, whenever you travel with us.

Something to choose: Very few of the bus service providers offer the facility of choosing the seat. So this particular facility will be nice to have in OurBus if possible. Sometime the choice between front, middle and back also matters instead of window or the aisle side.

Something to eat: If possible then a snack rack will be appreciated even if it is a paid one. Most of the times people forget to carry some snacks while they are taking a bus ride and later feel the hunger. So it can be a great idea if it is feasible.

Something to read: A magazine or two to read during the bus trip can certainly work wonders for those who like to read but are unable to carry something in their backpack. There is no need to put anything expensive, just a newspaper or magazine will be enough.

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