Happiness is getting home to the smell of your favorite dish being cooked by your mom!


During vacations, most of the people have a completely different idea of enjoying the vacations like visiting different places and exploring places. But I am the one who travels to my hometown to eat my favorite dish cooked by my mother. I can smell the aroma of the mouth watering food from miles and start drooling.

When I enter my home I become real excited just smelling the food prepared by my mom. And to have the very first bite of the delicacies prepared by my mom.

No other happiness is in the world like the happiness that comes when I eat the delicious food cooked by my mother for me. A home cooked meal is the one which I miss everywhere I go during my official trips.


It is just a pleasure to go to your home on vacations and eat the food cooked by my mom. This pleasure is something which you cannot gain from anywhere else or any other activity.

The tiredness of the travel evaporates the very moment when my mom opens the door. And the smell of my favorite food reaches my nose. I forget all the stress and tensions of the job. Immediately I go to the kitchen, I wash my hands and see what dishes have been prepared for me by my mother. And it is the best moment of my life.

We can have food anywhere in the city as there are so many restaurants in the city which offer delicious cuisines but everything fails in front of that amazingly simple food prepared at home. Enduring a few hours of a bus ride is nothing just to enjoy the taste of that home cooked meal.

Happy Vacations!

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