Get a little early on this thanksgiving and surprise everyone!


Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives and it becomes even better when you are travelling to your home for holidays after a long tiring period of work.

This thanksgiving I wanted to spend quality time with my family. I wanted to thank them for always being there for me. And the very first thing that came in my mind after that is to make reservations for my travel. So that I can reach my home fast. I generally prefer flights but this time I don’t know why I wanted something different. Something more connected to nature so I decided on a bus ride.

After a thorough research, I booked my tickets with OurBus from NYC to Washington DC. The services offered by the bus were looking genuine and the company in itself was looking promising. After booking tickets I pulled out my bags and started gathering and packing things I need to take home for my parents, siblings and everyone I can think of.

The very first act of the OurBus made me their permanent customer. That is being on time at the spot decided initially.

The punch in my plan was that nobody at my home knows that I am coming on this thanksgiving. And OurBus helped me to accomplish the plan. A little drama is always fun. I was quite happy on my mischievous brain as well as my decision of going home.

Being the youngest of five and that too an only girl. This is something which makes you responsible at a very early age. So nobody was expecting that I can also surprise them. But my act had the desired effect when I reached home. My parents and all the brothers were shocked, surprised and happy. In just a matter of seconds I saw multiple emotions on their faces and I felt that my decision for this thanksgiving was certainly the best one.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

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