No more scarcity of time and affect on health, even in longer commutes!


Long commutes lead to scarcity of time!

Indeed that is the reason people have that urge to find that time on the weekends. Not just the time it is directly hitting on your heart and waist.

Surprised? Well, you should be, because we are just flowing with the wind and aren’t aware of the facts that, where daily commuting is a need but it shouldn’t be a factor that defines our physical and mental wellbeing. Wouldn’t that be good if you can make yourself more productive and motivated even during the travel? The way you choose to travel matters a lot, here is to why and how to make sure that you are gainfully utilizing your time and at the same time not compromising your health.

long commutes

Make the action plan beforehand.

You have ample of options that can make you feel good and zealous while traveling and until end of the day as well.

Bring up the entertainment: Zoning out wouldn’t be a good option, or even scrolling through social media will make you feel bored at some point in time. You have loads of entertainment options to carry along, say you can play up the music and feel relaxed. Music is said to be a healer, so play on the music, close your eyes and feel the soothing music. Another option would definitely include books or maybe puzzles to let you brain muscles do some exercise.

Distance from technology: Often people are seen indulging in technology while walking, traveling and even while interacting with people. Ditch that habit and keep yourself away from the gadgets. For me this the best option indeed. You will definitely feel less exhausted. Try it out now.

Zen it up: Studies have shown that people who meditate are calmer than others; they have a different and positive energy and spreads out the positive vibes throughout. This is another good option that is highly beneficial for your inner health. Be seated comfortably, close your eyes, feel good about yourself and concentrate on the positivity around you. It is going to help a lot.

Learning freak: So, if you are amidst those who cannot stand long distance travel, then there are varied options to make it fruitful exactly the way you want it to be. Learn something on your own and practice during those long-haul journeys.

Snack up: Snack doesn’t always mean carrying junk food along, instead be more conscious about your health and carry nuts and bars to kill the hunger for a longer time. This is a better substitute for junk and will make you fit!

So gear up and get ready to have a healthy lifestyle even on the busiest days.

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