Squeeze in workouts in between long commutes with OurBus

We recently spoke of the importance of sleep for commuters to ensure that you stay healthy with the daily drudge. Today we will speak of Workouts. How is it possible to squeeze in workouts regularly and stay in shape and fit in spite of the realities of long commutes? Ourbus takes your wellbeing and health very seriously and thus in addition to making you commute easy, we also like to share health tips to ensure your healthy living.

Routine goes a long way in making things happen. Plan your workouts before. Be sure of what you want to address each day so that you don’t waste any time.

Documentation helps. If you don’t write down, you wouldn’t remember and if you don’t remember it then you can’t follow it. Write down your plan. You are more likely to stick to it if you have it written down and can refer to it.

Try to schedule workouts. Try to enroll in a gym for timings that work for you. If it is an appointment you have paid for, you are less likely to miss it.

Plan ahead- even during meals and snacks. Know what to eat based on what you do that day. Knowing your options ahead of time prevents grabbing fast food or other unhealthy options.

Maintain grocery lists based on meals and snacks that you’ve planned for the week. Unless you know what you need, you cannot be quick and effecient at the store.

Preparing things in advance will help in ensuring you stick to your plan. Just planning on weekends goes a long way and ensuring you can make it happen.

Use your weekends or your days off. Pre-cook meals and store them. They are still healthier than junk food and snacks. Or if you like fresh food then chop veggies in advance and cook on the day you want to eat.

Finish errands on weekends to ensure you don’t waste time during workout schedules. The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day at work and a long commute home is to stop at the grocery store.

Pack your meals the night before.

And lastly plan your workout necessities the night before. The gym clothes, water bottle, towel, keys, bag and iPod. This saves time in the morning.

Squeeze in workouts in between long commutes with OurBus

And ensure that the commute as such is comfortable to catch up on sleep and work. So don’t forget to continue to rely on Ourbus for making you commute pleasant. Happy working out!

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