Destinations to Visit in November

Visit these destinations from New York in November to give winter a warm welcome

The winters are almost here, which means you still have a few weeks to make the most of the good weather and the colors of fall. 

Let’s discuss the top destinations you can hit to welcome the season before it gets all frosty.

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Destinations to Visit in November


This is the perfect time to visit the many waterfalls and hike through the fantastic state parks (like Taughannock Falls and Buttermilk Falls) Ithaca has to offer. New York City to Ithaca


If you want to walk the Freedom trail in peace, visit museums that aren’t crowded, and go sailing before the winds get chilly, Boston’s your pick! Book your trip


Take your kids museum-hopping and visit the famous planetarium that will fill their hearts with joy and excitement. NYC to Providence


Chocolate festivals, ravine hikes, CN tower views, and culinary delights at St. Lawrence Market—Toronto is a pitch-perfect destination to start off the winter with your family. New York City to Toronto


From live shows at the academy of music to light shows at Franklin square, the city of brotherly love sure knows how to welcome the winters with a cheerful spirit! NYC to Philadelphia

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