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Cheap Bus tickets from New York City, NYC to Ithaca

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Traveling by premier coach bus service from New York to Ithaca, NY. Every OurBus from New York is a modern charter-style autobus with power outlets, adjustable seats, a sanitized bathroom, WiFi and a free bottle of water. At OurBus we work with only premium bus companies to provide the highest level of service that only OurBus can. This has OurBus the top choice for NYC residents, students and tourists that are looking to travel with ease. On this OurBus route, you?ll leave from New York City to Ithaca, New York.

The OurBus to Ithaca is an excellent alternative to catching the train, driving along the interstate or any other transportation options you may be considering. The ease of a bus trip like this one is that you simply catch the bus at New York?s Port Authority bus terminal on Madison Ave, between 26th and 27th Street.

Tickets for OurBus are offered on our website and can also be easily purchased via our OurBus app. On both platforms you will find bus tickets from NYC to Ithaca amongst many other routes that we offer. The NYC to Ithaca bus route is a popular route among college students and business people looking for a simple way to take the bus from NYC to Ithaca, NY. Buy your tickets and relax on your travels from NYC to Ithaca today!

Halfway between NYC and Niagara Falls, in the Finger Lakes region, lies Ithaca, New York. Ithaca has lovely eateries, hiking trails, university life, and a thriving college town scene. The city is on the shores of Cayuga Lake and is known for its stunning forests, waterfalls, and gorges. It is also home to Cornell University and Ithaca College, which means there are plenty of activities taking place throughout the year.

Both Cornell And Ithaca College are always buzzing with activity thanks to numerous student organizations and events. Cornell has beautiful buildings in various architectural styles and also boasts a beautiful botanical garden on its sprawling campus. The NYC to Cornell University bus is a great option for any budget-minded college student that travels between New York City and Cornell often. It goes without saying that the NYC to Cornell bus route is an excellent choice if you are wanting a premium experience at an affordable cost.

Ithaca sits at the southernmost end of Cayuga Lake, which is the longest of the 11 Finger Lakes at 40 miles. Views of the lake?s brilliant blue waters can be seen as you head into the hills above the lake, with an excellent viewpoint near Ithaca College off of Route 96B. Cornell University offers stunning views from its highest towers that allow you to look out over Cayuga Lake and admire its blue waters and sheer length. 

Since Ithaca lies in the Finger Lakes region, on the shores of Cayuga Lake, the forests, waterfalls and hiking trails are all easily accessible. There are over 100 waterfalls within an hour of downtown Ithaca, so finding that perfect nature shot for your trip should be a snap! 

The most notable waterfalls are located in the three nearby state parks and are fairly easy to get to. Taughannock Falls is located in Taughannock  Falls State Park and has a 215-foot drop, which is higher than the majestic Niagara Falls! Robert Treman State Park is home to Lucifer Falls, a 115-foot waterfall that is the main attraction of this park and worth the trip. Last but not least it?s worth completing the hat trick and visiting Ithaca Falls which is an easy trip from anywhere in the city. Beautiful views can be seen from  Lake Street bridge as you stand and marvel at the water cascading down the 150-foot long creekbed.

If you are a wine enthusiast, Ithaca and the Finger Lakes region have you covered. The Finger Lakes region is home to over 100 Finger Lakes wineries, breweries, and distilleries. These producers are centered around Keuka, Cayuga and Seneca Lakes and are part of the Finger Lakes Wine Country. Many of these companies are members of wine and beer trails that host year-round wine, beer and food weekend events throughout the region.

Finger Lakes Wine Country is a world-class wine manufacturing area that specializes in the creation of aromatic white wines like Riesling and Gewurztraminer. The region has also had newfound success with the introduction of cool-climate red wines like Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. The region is successful when it comes to wine production because of the microclimate in the region created by the lakes themselves. The extreme winters typical of the New York region is avoided and warm summer days ripen the grapes to perfection. The Finger Lakes act as a self-regulating climate controller because of the steady water temperature, which in turn prevents any significant swings in climate through the growing season and helps to extend the season by several months.  To book a charter bus for wine tasting, submit your request on our Charters page and we?ll find the best deal for your group.

If you want to experience art there is no better place to visit while in Ithaca than the Corning Museum of Glass. The Corning Museum of Glass was opened in 1951 by Corning Glass Works and was created as a non-profit educational institution that preserves and expands the world?s understanding of glass art. The Museum has grown by leaps and bounds over the years with the support of private and public funding. Its history is a story of perseverance, innovation and the amazing support from the community and corporate partners. Today, The Corning Museum of Glass?s scholarship and outreach can be felt around the world.

With all of these amazing activities and places to visit, there are a million reasons to visit Ithaca, New York. Whether it be a quick day trip, a short weekend stay, or a week-long vacation, let OurBus take care of the travel so you can just enjoy your trip.



  1. Book in advance and save! OurBus offers affordable pricing from NYC to Ithaca.
  2. OurBus allows you to purchase a bus ticket from NYC to Ithaca for fares as cheap as $25*.
  3. Ticket bookings are hassle-free, mobile-friendly, and can be made online at OurBus.com or on the OurBus app on iOS or Android.
  4. Our drop down calendar allows you to schedule your trip by offering the best prices for your chosen dates of travel from NYC to Ithaca. The NYC to Ithaca bus schedule is easy to read and a great way to find cheap bus tickets quickly.

Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

New York City to Ithaca Bus Trip

When traveling by bus from NYC to Ithaca, you will depart either from GBW Bus Station NYC located at 4211 Broadway, New York, NY 10033 George Washington Bridge Bus Station, Slip 2

The bus stop at Ithaca is located at 130 E Seneca Street in front of Starbucks

Further details about the stop can be found when searching for your trip. Prior to the bus?s arrival and even during your journey, you can track the precise location and time of arrival for your specific bus. Simply click on the link that is included in your confirmation ticket email or go to My Passes, Track Bus in the OurBus app.


How long does the bus take from NYC to Ithaca?

The bus journey from NYC to Ithaca takes approximately 4 hours (for express trips) and longer for trips with stops. However, this may change due to weather and traffic conditions. Please refer to your ticket for times. 


What is the driving distance between NYC and Ithaca?

The driving distance between NYC and Ithaca is 223 miles.


When does the bus leave from NYC to Ithaca?

The departure times and ETA are available on OurBus.com or the OurBus App once you search for your origin and destination.


I would like to alter my ticket from NYC to Ithaca to an earlier or later time or date. What do I do with my original ticket?

If your scheduled departure is more than 30 minutes away, you can simply cancel your original ticket on our website/app and transfer the money as stored credit to OurBus Wallet. This credit will reflect in your Wallet immediately and you can use this to book another ticket on our website/app. You?ll need to pay the difference in fare, if any, for a new reservation. Within 30 minutes to departure, please contact our customer service team for assistance.


What's the best way to get to Cornell University from NYC?

There are a few ways to get from NYC to Cornell, including OurBus, Cornell Campus-to-Campus bus (C2C bus), flying from the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport or personally driving. Other than driving, most university students choose to travel by bus.

The OurBus bus station located in Downtown Ithaca is very close to not only Cornell University but to all of the colleges located in town. This is a very popular route for college students that prefer to take the bus from NYC to Ithaca College or the bus NYC to Cornell University.


How do I get a chartered bus rental near me in NYC?

OurBus taps into a network of high-quality bus owners and operators to be able to find you a charter bus rental in New York City and the surrounding five boroughs at the lowest price. To find out more about OurBus charter hire, see our Charter information and Submit a Request.

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