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The reality of urban living is long commutes to colleges and to work. For all of us who live in NYC or DC, it is impossible to not commute long distances to find opportunities that we cherish. It is indeed a way of life and is here to stay. I sometimes wish I could be dropped off in a helicopter to my school like the Jetsons (cartoon show in 90s… yes, I am a 90s kid), but the reality is far from it.

And so while the long commutes is here to stay why not make best friends with Ourbus? We do not just help make your commute better, we also care about your lifestyle and health. It is our endeavor to share with you tips to ensure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in the current reality of lifestyles.

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To start with, sleep is imperative. Don’t get upset if you sleep more or hit the snooze button a few extra times. If you cannot get your workout done, do not whip yourself. Sometimes sleep is better and helps burn calories and so get well rested and try to squeeze in that workout whenever you can.

Multitask. Try the treadmill or cross train while you knock TV time. You will be surprised how it energizes you much more than slouching on the couch with chips.

Also to avoid hitting the snooze button multiple time, ensure you sleep on time, come what may. Discipline goes a long way. If you know you need your 8 hours, make it a point to lie down at least half an hour before that time.

If morning workouts tire you then break it up into mini schedules. Do early morning workouts at the gym when you wake up feeling energized. If you know you’ll be out of work earlier one day, plan to do your workout afterwards.

Always give yourself a day off from tiring workouts and recharge yourself. Save your longer workouts for the weekends when you know you’ll have more time.

One you have a routine stick to it. But have a back-up plan for days you have less time, like a modified version of a shorter workout routine.

It takes 21 days to form a habit.

Why don’t you start today and yes don’t forget to book your tickets on Ourbus because, do remember that we help make your commute easier and healthier!

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