Its not over YET- Ourbus takes you to the Oktoberfest Cruise @NYC


Dear Beer Lovers,

Are you disappointed that you did not save up enough money to make it to Germany this October?

Ourbus loves you and it is our job to find everything in the city that can make you happy. And so we found you a local and special New York city’s own Oktoberfest cruise available this November.

Yes, you heard us right! And yes, it is going to be a party with kegs of beer overflowing, the boat hurtling through water and lots of crazy fun. And we will get you there!

Do not worry, you can rely on us as we always have to get you there in time, drop you safely in your lovely party clothes and travelling in cozy comfortable seats. You can also count on us to be there on time, with affordable prices (we understand you spent all your money on beer) and you can trust us to take you home safely even after a wild beer party (hic!).


We hate to keep you in suspense.

So book your Ourbus tickets now to get there. The cruise is available this weekend on both days, 11th and 12th November and starts at Pier 83, W 42nd St, NYC.

If this is not enough, then, here are some more tidbits to get you excited. Imagine a two-and-a-half hour Oktoberfest Cruise up the Hudson with gorgeous views and dining on classic German food and beer. You get to taste traditional Bavarian pretzels and choice of two plates: Schaller & Weber bratwurst or thin-pounded pork schnitzel, both served with sauerkraut and warm potato salad (in the chefs own words). If you would rather stick to sandwiches and salads (weight watchers yet beer lovers), you could pick them up at the bar along with beer, wine and cocktails. And, while on board you get to enjoy, German oom-pah and polka bands.

Self-confessed secret, I am a weight watcher and beer lover (burp). I wouldn’t wait to hop onto this one. What are you waiting for? Let Ourbus take you there today!

Yours sincerely (with beer-hugs),


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