When US Airforce Sings- hop onto Ourbus for Free Patriots Conference in NYC

Our deepest respects are paid for the greatest sacrifices. What can surpass the pride, honor, respect and selflessness of our troops? Personally I am a big fan of the Airforce. Call it just me, the literal fact that they RULE our skies can never get beyond me. I have always been a big fan of the US Airforce and cannot stop digging for movies like Top Gun (and yes Tom Cruise too, but that is not the point, okay?)

And imagine what can be a better treat to the eyes, ears, spirit and the soul than to feast on hearing our US Airforce National Air Force Band performing music to honor our military and veterans at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts CUNY on November 10th at 7 pm. It is a free ticket and wouldn’t cost you a penny but only make your evening much better.

Ourbus is proud to take you to witness this tribute to our forces on the eve of Veterans’ day, a federal holiday as we gear up to remind ourselves the price of freedom.

There are many ways to honor those who are responsible for the air we breathe, but the best way to do so is to give your time. This is also a great tradition to inculcate in young children. Valuable lessons can only be learnt through witnessing and experiencing them. And to witness our armed force officers making the effort to perform soulful musicals is certainly one such experience not just for a child but also an adult.

And mostly importantly, it is the finer aspects of these forces such as these which bring the people and nation together. It is an emotion we experience collectively. Just like we experience gratitude in teams, offices, communities and as citizens. We at Ourbus love this idea and would be very happy to make your journey comfortable, reflective and soulful to this great tribute.

Nothing happens unless you block your calendars- so book your tickets to the concert today!

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