WINTER styles and commuting tips from Ourbus Team

Dear Ourbus commuters,

We know you are one of the most fashionable lot in the country. Wait a minute, would you suspect us of flattery? Of course not! We cannot be insincere with you. We know you are New Yorkers, The DC crowd and students of the most happening university circles. We ferry you every day remember? It is our job to know you. And we also know that though you are one of the most fashionable crowd all through the year, winter pose a terrible challenge to keep that up. How can one try to retain that transferable lipstick without a muffler on your mouth, when the teeth are chattering like crazy?

We get it and we also love how you take out time to look awesome. But we would love to serve you too.

And so here a few quickies to continue making a fashion statement even in freezing, terrible NEW YORK winters.

  1. Get the Boots right! Better still experiment with colours. Once you match them with the correct waterproof slacks, even the darkest of colours can make you look chic. Watertight ones with great grip will ensure you get the fun of sensible shoes and yet look smashing
  2. boots

  1. Thick socks: The best part of thick sensible socks is that they remain tucked inside. And if you want them to show- then you can try great colours, prints and even combinations one bight magenta streak over black boots and slacks.
  2. thick socks

  1. Get those scarlet mittens! You heard me right. Nothing adds the bling to your wardrobe that getting your gloves tasteful and right. Especially the fingered kind that will allow you to handle items without taking them off.
  2. scarlet mittens

  1. Be a Hatter! I always think how underutilized are nice hats as an accessory. There are awfully cute hats which cover your ears, even themes ones which make you look like an animal or a flower ( its ok to be cheesy once in a while.. better than brown, black colored lifeless shields)
  2. hats

There you got the extreme points covered and dapper. Extra points for commuting by Ourbus which reduces any need to be out on the street- we are so well connected! More fashion recommendations coming in part 2 of this blog- till there do reserve your tickets today.

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