Guess how we spend our weekends @Ourbus?

Weekends are occasions to spend time with family and friends.

They however cannot also be the pit-stops in a fast paced routine. Where one gets to put their feet up and revisit many ideas tucked away in the daily rigmarole.

We know it is running the post Halloween week and we know you just took some time off with family and friends. For Ourbus, YOU are extended family too. We meet you almost every day. You trust us with the most important decision of how to commute everyday morning. The quality of your mornings they say decides the rest of the day and rest of the week. When you trust us with such decisions, we owe it ourselves to reflect every now and then if we are keeping you happy.


And so we asked ourselves what are the top reasons consumers like you feel harrowed in daily commutes. We realized everywhere in the routes you travel and also the rest of the country, that thousands of daily commuters hate services which:

  • do not value their time (keeping schedule, last minute cancellations)
  • charge them too much (steep spikes for very little added and even replaceable benefits)
  • make their journey uncomfortable in spite of paying a premium

And so we reflected and scored ourselves on if we were doing justice to you. WE asked ourselves if we were to commute 2 hours to work or college everyday what would we like or hate. And then we thought we will share with you what we found.

We found that our approach to sticking to predictable packages and routes allows us to be predictable and lean. And so we not only arrive and take you on time. We simply do not have the luxury to cancel and hence we won’t cancel. And since we keep it simple we can keep the prices to true value. It is for only THOSE benefits that you truly need on an everyday commute vis-รƒ -vis a vacation drive. And lastly we make your journey comfortable because of the way we operate the first two reasons, predictable and controlled operations.


Ourbus is your treat for everyday and every weekend.

We are a part of your life in the background score like a habit, like a decision that you make and rely upon without having to spend effort and energy to evaluate day after day. We don’t trick you. And with this we wish you and thank you a great friendship on this continued journey. Please do visit Ourbus to renew your tickets for the next commute!




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