Maximize your sleep hours with comfortable Ourbus seating

Travel essentials are almost always success essentials. Let me explain. How you use your time on your commute, explains a lot on HOW you use your time rest of the day. And how you use your time is the direct measure of you successful you are.

Yesterday we spoke of how successful people like to read. Today we want to share why Sleep is the most critical element for your success. Sleep is literally food and cleansing for the mind. When we sleep our mind enters a relaxed state. In fact, in some countries around the world, there is culture of an afternoon siesta even in corporate offices. There are power naps meant to rejuvenate the mind. Students stop fantasizing about the afternoon siesta lecture from professor you find most boring though!


On a serious note, sleep also help repair the body. This is your time that the body uses to completely shut down but for the vital activities and allows the muscles to relax, the cells to regain their composure.

We at Ourbus take your comfort, health and success most seriously and it is our endeavor to ensure you are able to find whatever it needs to make it happen.

There are a few things which aid good sleep.

  • Switch off screen time. While it is tempting to catch up on the day posted on social media, nothing will make your eyes more relaxed then a respite from screen time.
  • Listen to light music- you can listen to light instrumental, soft music and try to relax. Music has additional stress-busting impact on the heart, mind and soul.
  • Stay warm. Even during summer if you are in an air conditioned atmosphere nothing gets you cozy and ready for a nap as staying warm. Try to use a small scarf to keep your neck warm and your body start relaxing and responding. Of course warmth is only as according your individual comfort and body temperature.

And do remind yourself to time up and be there on time to alight. While power naps are great, you do need to get off at your stop!! If you are already looking forward to the cozy nap- grab your tickets at Ourbus immediately!!

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