Break-special trips for Syracuse University

Break-special trips for Syracuse University

Hey Syracuse University students, listen up! OurBus has some fab news for you. We’re unveiling new routes specifically designed to make your trips home a piece of cake. With all the academic demands you’re juggling, we think the commute home should be the least of your worries.

For the 2023-24 academic year breaks—think Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Winter break, and Spring break—here are your destination options:

  • Cortland, NY
  • Boston
  • Ithaca, NY
  • Binghamton, NY
  • Fort Lee, NJ
  • New York, NY
  • Rochester, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Melville, NY
  • Roslyn, NY
  • Queens, NY
  • White Plains, NY
  • Newton, MA

Don’t see your hometown on the list? No stress! Simply suggest your destination, provide your email, and hit that ‘upvote’ button. If enough people are interested, we’ll seriously consider adding it to our route.

Didn’t see your destination on the list? To suggest a new destination, click here.

Why choose OurBus?

So why ride with us? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Fewer stops means a faster ride to where you’re going.
  • We have multiple departure times daily to fit your schedule.
  • Our pick-up locations are convenient and some are even close to campus.
  • Track your bus in real time with our mobile app, so you’re always in the loop.
  • Cancel or reschedule for free up to 30 minutes before departure, no strings attached.
  • And hey, if you have any questions, our 24/7 support team is always ready to assist.

Hop on with us for the upcoming breaks and see why Syracuse University students and their families are choosing OurBus. Need more details? Just reach out or head over to our website or app to get started.

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