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  1. Book in advance and save! OurBus offers affordable pricing from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON.
  2. OurBus allows you to purchase a bus ticket from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON for fares as cheap as $25.0*.
  3. Ticket bookings are hassle-free, mobile-friendly, and can be made online at OurBus.com or on the OurBus app.
  4. Our drop down calendar allows you to schedule your trip by offering the best prices for your chosen dates of travel from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON.


Syracuse, NY TO Toronto, ON

When traveling by bus from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON, you will depart either from Waverly Ave. between Walnut Place and University Ave. (Note: Only 2:40 pm departure and 5:50 pm arrival between Syracuse and New York may require a change of buses at Binghamton.) 

The bus stop at Toronto, ON is located at York Street at the Bus Loading Zone just north of Front Street, in front of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. (Note: There may be a transfer to or from a Minibus at Buffalo. Riders must meet requirements to cross the US Canada border).

Further details about the stop can be found when searching for your trip. Prior to the bus arrival and even during your journey, you can track the precise location and time of arrival for your specific bus. Simply click on the link that is included in your confirmation ticket email.


How long does the bus take from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON?

The bus journey from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON takes approximately 4hours 50 min  (for express trips) and longer for trips with stops. However, this may change due to weather and traffic conditions. Please refer to your ticket for times. 


What is the distance between Syracuse, NY and Toronto, ON?

The distance between Syracuse, NY and Toronto, ON is 271.2 miles.


When does the bus leave from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON?

The departure times and ETA are available on OurBus.com or the OurBus App once you search for your origin and destination.



I would like to alter my ticket from Syracuse, NY to Toronto, ON to an earlier or later time or date. What do I do with my original ticket?

If your scheduled departure is more than 30 minutes away, you can simply cancel your original ticket on our website/app and transfer the money as stored credit to OurBus Wallet. This credit will reflect in your Wallet

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