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Guide to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love," is an attractive spot for visitors looking for historical explorations, sightseeing, and business. With so many wonderful places to visit and enjoy yourself, you can make your trip a memorable one without having to spend much.  A trip to Philly always includes excellent museums, a mural-filled downtown area, highly rich structures, and so much more. This is why Philadelphia attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. Are you ready to take a personal or business trip to Philly this summer? Look no further than this guide! From elite music, to sports, shopping opportunities, museums, luxurious accommodation options, and fantastic food, the city of Philadelphia has got you covered, even with a small budget. Without further ado, let’s begin!

When to Visit Philadelphia


While the winter in Philly  can be snowy and cold, the summer is quite humid and hot. Nevertheless, the best times to visit the “City of Brotherly Love” are the spring and autumn seasons. Interestingly, the summer period falls within Independence Day, which can certainly make your visit memorable.

Now that you know the perfect seasons to visit Philadelphia, it is time to unveil some of its attractive spots and intercity bus service transport options available for your adventures.


Top Attractions to visit in Philadelphia


Philly, unlike most cities, has a unique environment. Perhaps, it is the cobblestone streets in the Old Town, the gorgeously painted frescoes in the Center City, or the tranquil ambiance.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of attractions to visit and take pictures of, here in Philly. Most visits happen during the Independence Day celebrations, as tourists  try to catch a glimpse of the famous Independence National Historical Park. In 2016, it was recorded that over 5 million visitors visited the park!Will you be part of the crowd this year?

There is no place in Philadelphia as widely visited as the Reading Terminal Market. It is a foodie’s heaven, where you can  get everything you need or want, ranging from artisanal cheeses and desserts to delicious sandwiches. Seven  million people visit it yearly. No matter what you’re interested in, you will find something amazing for you when visiting Philadelphia. Some other amazing spots include  Boathouse Row, the Liberty Bell, the United States Mint, or the City Hall. It doesn’t matter what part of the state you are coming from, OurBus offers intercity bus service for tourists to enjoy the City of Brotherly Love from a range of places on the east coast.


Transportation options in Philadelphia


OurBus organizes special bus services from the City Center to various attractive spots. OurBus takes you from Philadelphia to the 30th Street Station, one of the most visited transport hubs in the state of Pennsylvania.

We can help you get the most out of your visit through our popular routes to Philadelphia. Once you arrive, getting around the city is very simple.Philly is a walkable city; although it has extensive transportation options to suit your needs. Furthermore, SEPTA is responsible for its public transportation, with several passes available for tourists to use.

Ubers and taxis are the major transportation options used by most visitors in Philadelphia. Try to  opt for cabs at night in certain areas, since using mass transit can be unsafe, especially when it is dark. However, with OurBus, you are secured and rest assured that you will be traveling safely.. Instead of using taxis, you can also rent bikes, if you are trying to stick to a have a low budget, or want to exercise.


Best Places to Stay


“Philly Town” has some of the best hotels situated at the Old City and Center City. However, popular options include Le Meridien, Marriott, and Wyndham. Nevertheless, if you are a visitor looking for a boutique style accommodation experience, you may consider the Rittenhouse 1715.

Moreover, if you are on a low budget, there are hotels such as Apple and Philadelphia House to spend the night at, after a wonderful adventure in Philly. Remarkably, in spite of the affordable dorm-based accommodations that these two provide, they are located around the city’s main attraction spots.

On the other hand, if you want to spend lavishly, you can stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar of Loews Philadelphia Hotel.


Nightlife in Philadelphia


There is never a dull moment here in Philly. It is hard to run away from the love and comradery of the city, which appears to originate in the nightlife. Philly  has numerous clubs and bars that make it  hard for anyone to stay in.

However, if you want to enjoy cocktails during your trip, the Time at Samsom St. is exceptional as it offers you a stylish whiskey bar with live music on the bottom floor. Additionally, the upstairs of the same building houses a DJ and dance floor for you to dance the night away with your loved ones.

For a quiet drink spot,  you can try Monk’s Café. Many visitors, including locals, flock to this joint to have an amazing time with the best-served beers. Furthermore, if you love live music, World Café Live is the perfect place to finish off  your trip while visiting Philly.

Your nightlife checklist isn’t complete without visiting Wawa. Any Philadelphian will tell you how obsessed they are with this 24-hour convenience store. Tourists make it their priority, not because of the food or coffee, but the experience within this one-stop shopping experience.


Shopping in Philadelphia


Your trip isn’t complete without shopping in Philly. There are various options available with bus services from Philadelphia to Macy’s Center City to South Philly. Make your shopping complete by visiting the Macy’s Center City on Market Street, which is a national historical monument and the top shopping spot for visitors.

Finally, it is important to plan your transport to get the best of the city. OurBus offers a flexible and comfortable trip for visitors at an affordable cost. Unlike other expensive bus service providers, we give you comfort and safety for your money.

OurBus serves numerous cities across the United States, thereby giving you the opportunity to choose your nearest bus stop while selecting a flexible schedule. With this plan, you can safely arrive in the city and begin exploring right away.   Make sure you take advantage of the OurBus app to book your ticket. With the app, you don't have to print your ticket, just show it to the  bus driver, and you are ready to go.

Waste no time today. Book your ticket with Ourbus and enjoy every single moment of your visit to the City of Brotherly Love!


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