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New York City Travel Guide

New York The Best Places to Visit

The Best Places to Visit, Explore and Experience New York City

New York City is without a doubt a city that needs no introduction. NYC is a metropolitan melting pot of people; the city is the most ethnically & religiously diverse, profoundly congested, and considered by many to be the most alluring city in the United States. Visitors from around the US and across the world come to NYC to enjoy the various types of cultural delights that are offered. The lifestyle of the residents of the Big Apple itself is a cultural form. From the hustle and bustle to the energy, to the numerous stores serving every unique individual, the beautiful mix of languages and knowledgeable media, these are all elements that form the city’s living culture

The Top Attractions of New York City

One of the best ways to get here is a bus to New York City. Once you arrive, here are a few things you might want to check out:

1. Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum is an educational, nonprofit institution located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. The institute features the celebrated aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the famous space shuttle Enterprise, an impressive collection of some of the world’s fastest military and commercial aircraft in addition to the legendary USS Growler, one of the first American attack submarines that were equipped with nuclear warheads. The Museum’s aim is to lead visitors through an interactive trip about human ingenuity and fortitude through the presentation of educational programming, interesting exhibitions, and the exclusive collection of technologically-advanced aircraft and ships.

Tip: Be sure to plan ahead and pick which tour you’d enjoy before you arrive at the Museum. Each tour has a different theme with focuses on the naval exhibits, the space shuttle, or aircraft with a limited daily tour of the famed Concorde.

2:-Queens Botanical Garden

Located on Main Street in Flushing, the Queens Botanical Garden is a sight to behold for anyone. The Botanical Garden is a 39-acre oasis of green that has gardens showcasing flowers, vegetables, bees, and perennials. There is also an art gallery, an arboretum, and an Information and Administration building that was built to LEED-certified standards. Tip: Make sure you follow all of the rules to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Queens Botanical Garden. This includes no smoking and of course picking up after yourself when you visit.

Tip: Make sure you follow all of the rules to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Queens Botanical Garden. This includes no smoking and of course picking up after yourself when you visit.

3:- The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is a part of Bronx Park in the borough of the Bronx. The Zoo is gigantic and is the largest zoo located within a city in the United States. It is famous for its biodiversity amongst the animal population and incredible, award-winning exhibits that are displayed throughout the Zoo. The Bronx Zoo was opened to the public at the turn of the 20th Century in 1899 and has gone on to create a rare view of the natural world for visitors and residents of New York.

Tip: Be sure to check the Zoo’s calendar before you visit to make sure that any specific exhibits are open such as the Congo Gorilla Forest. There are special events that the Bronx Zoo schedules regularly that you can also find on the calendar as well!.

4:- National September 11th Memorial & Museum

The 9/11 Museum (National September 11th Memorial) is a museum and memorial located in New York City dedicated to remembering and honoring those that lost their lives during the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. The Memorial is open to the public and encourages visitors to learn about the heroes and victims of both the September 11th attacks and 1993 World Trade Center bombing through its exhibits and memorials on display. The Memorial Museum is an impressive blend of architecture,  archaeology, and history that creates a lasting impression on visitors as they learn the story of the attacks, the heroic efforts of first responders and city officials, and how the city has healed itself in the aftermath.

Tip: Buy your ticket online to skip the long wait times in line and give yourself more time to explore the Museum and Memorial. We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours and doing a guided tour to truly experience this solemn but patriotic place.

The Best Neighborhoods to Stay In

As one of the most historically relevant cities in the country, New York is known for a vibrant lifestyle and bits of culture. While on your trip to the city, here are a few neighborhoods you might want to check out and stay in:


1. The Bronx

The Bronx is home to home-run heroes, handmade mozzarella, and hip hop history. This historic neighborhood in New York City welcomes you with hundreds of acres of public parks, historic homes worth touring, and attractions like the Bronx Museum of Arts, the Bronx Park, and the Bronx Zoo. The Bronx borough has so much to offer to people of all walks of life, we’re sure you'll find something to enjoy when you visit!

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is New York’s most populated borough and draws in visitors with its myriad of activities for all ages. People come for the arts and visit the Brooklyn Museum, some come for knowledge and stop to study at the Brooklyn Public Library, while others for a leisurely stroll through nature at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The Brooklyn Nets draw large crowds at the Barclays Center, a quick trip from Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn is a fusion of cultures from across the world with impressive offerings of live music, diverse eateries, pro sports, and immigrant history that all contribute to making Brooklyn a must-visit for any visitor to NYC.

3. Manhattan

Manhattan often referred to as the heart of NYC, is home to two of the city’s most iconic attractions - Broadway and Times Square. There are numerous famous attractions that are worth visiting on the island such as the recently-opened Vessel in Hudson Yards and Little Italy, which are nestled among the cityscape. The countless neighborhoods of Manhattan, such as Harlem, Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village, reward the inquisitive city explorer as they tour this amazing borough and enjoy all that it has to offer.

4. Queens

Queens is one of the most diverse places in America. Many people that visit this borough simply do so for the incredible cuisine being offered, which ranges from delicious Peking duck at the local Chinese restaurants to amazing Neapolitan pizza with fresh basil that will have you craving more! This borough is also a major stop for New York sports fans (Let’s Go Mets! #LFGM), lovers of nature, and modern-art fans.

5. Staten Island

Staten Island is just a scenic ride away via the Staten Island Ferry. Known as the greenest borough in New York, Staten Island feels like it's a world away with a change of scenery. The North Shore is rich with a storied history of maritime exploits, the beaches and parks are beautiful public spaces worth enjoying during your visit and the Staten Island Mall is a must for any shopper that makes the trek across the river.

Transportation Options in NYC

New York is a sprawling city with over twenty million residents living in the metropolitan area. With the city being spread across the five distinct boroughs, it is easy to see why there are so many different transportation options! This is a list of some of the best ways to navigate the city when you visit.

1:- Subway:  The NYC Subway is one of the many things that the city is known for and is a great way to move around while avoiding traffic on the streets above. With 472 subway stations spread across the city, it is easy to find a station and get to your destination with ease.

2:- MTA Bus: The New York Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) has a fleet of 6,000 buses operating in New York City, covering more than 322 routes for residents and tourists alike. Needless to say, the MTA Buses will get you to where you need to go if you're traveling in NYC.

3:- Taxis: The iconic yellow taxi is another popular way to get around the city. They are easy to recognize and are the only vehicles allowed to pick up passengers after being hailed down on the street.

4:- Train: New York also has an excellent train system that provides commuter focused lines that are focused on bringing people into the city from areas outside of the metro area. These train lines include the Staten Island Railway, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, New Jersey Transit, Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Railroad.

5:- Hop On Hop Off Tours: If you're looking for a way to see the city that focuses on the main attractions with an emphasis on tours, consider buying a ticket for a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. These bus tours allow you to visit numerous sights around the city for as long as you like. When you're done you simply board the next bus that will take you to the next sight!


6:- Ferry: New York City is a city that has a lot of large waterways. As a result, there are a few water transportation options that are available to the public. The NYC Ferry service and Staten Island Ferry serve 21 terminals scattered across the city and have regularly scheduled routes connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens.


Where in to shop in Baltimore

New York City is a hotspot for a vibrant nightlife and it has something to offer for everybody.

1:- Comedy Cellar: If laughing is one of your favorite activities, you should check out the Comedy Cellar. This icon comedy club off of MacDougal Street is host to famous and relatively unknown comics alike. Most nights consist of three shows and with the showcase format, you’ll see shorter sets from more acts. Some of the more well-known comics include Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, and Louis C.K. among many others!

2:- Bowery Ballroom: The Bowery Ballroom is an excellent choice if you're looking for live music while in town. The Ballroom holds something of a cult status amongst musicians and audiences  alike, likely because of its perfect blend of grandiose yet intimate ambiance, perfect sightlines to the stages, and great acoustics for live performances.


3:- King Cole Bar: If a more intimate night of jazz music and cocktails is more your thing, look no further than the King Cole Bar. This historic bar is called the St. Regis Hotel home since 1932 and claims to have invented The Bloody Mary back in 1934. The King Cole Bar calls it a “Red Snapper” and many New Yorkers agree that King Cole has the best Bloody Mary in NYC.

4:- Village Vanguard: The Village Vanguard is noted as one of the oldest and most prolific jazz clubs in New York City. The club is loved by jazz aficionados across the city and has been host to more than 100 albums that have been recorded within its walls. The vintage decor in the basement has remained unchanged for the most part since its opening in 1935 and is the peak of nostalgia for the golden era of jazz music.

5:- Standard Biergarten: The Biergarten at The Standard is a classic German beer garden with a wonderful open-air space for guests to enjoy. The bar offers the usual German lager, wheat stout or beer with the traditional Austrian menu of grilled wurst, giant soft pretzels with spicy mustard, and many other offerings. 

6:- Brooklyn Bowl: The Brooklyn Bowl is an iconic music venue, restaurant, and bowling alley located in Brooklyn. Founded in 2009, it is housed inside of an old iron foundry built-in 1889 that has been renovated with high-tech green construction techniques. The venue is host to a variety of musical talent and was named amongst the 20 best music clubs by Rolling Stone in 2013.

Where to Shop in NYC

1:- Westfield World Trade Center: The Westfield World Trade Center Mall is located inside of the Oculus at the New World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The shopping mall was opened in 2016 and is a beautiful union of interior design and architecture that blows visitors away as they explore the Westfield World Trade Center stores and all they have to offer. The mall is home to more than 100 different stores and rests assured there is something for even the most particular shoppers.

2:-The Shops At Columbus Circle: The Columbus Circle Mall is one of the few shopping malls that is located in Manhattan and hosts all of the luxury brands that you could imagine. Columbus Circle NYC is also host to a gigantic Whole Foods, it's conveniently located next to three subway lines and it is a stone's throw from Central Park.  If you're interested in Columbus Circle restaurants, we recommend checking out  Momofuku Noodle Bar—one of NYC’s best noodles and ramen bars. Visiting Columbus Circle during the winter months is worth a trip to get lost in the winter wonderland that is the Columbus Circle Holiday Market.

3:- Queens Place Mall: The Queens Place Mall is a ginormous mall located in the borough of Queens New York. This mall is a go-to when you're looking to hit all of the box stores in one fell swoop. It’s home to Best Buy, Target, Macy’s and Designer Shoe market to name a few, and makes this 440,000 square foot mega mall a true one stop shop for anyone.

Where to Eat in New York City?

Looking for somewhere to enjoy some delicious food? Then check out some of these best places restaurants to eat in the Big Apple City. This list is a collection of some of the best restaurants in New York that will satisfy the needs of locals and visitors alike. As with all things NYC, these New York restaurants vary in price but all of them will provide you with delightful plates of food that will have you dreaming of your next visit!

1:- Los Tacos No. 1: Los Tacos No. 1 is located in Chelsea Market, in Manhattan. This is one of two Mexican restaurants in New York under the same name and both locations offer some of the city’s best food from across the southern border. Here you will find some of the city’s best tacos adobada, pollo, nopal or asada, along with flour tortillas that are just as tasty as the corn tortillas. 

2:- Scarr's Pizza: located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, looks like any regular old-school NYC pizza shop. One of the keys that put Scarr’s Pizza in the running for the best pizza in New York is that owner Scarr Pimentel grinds his own flour for the classic New York-style pizza here. Pizza is offered by the slice or by the pie for walk-ins and delivery is also available for lunch and dinner. Those that choose to dine in can get a drink at the bar while listening to the latest hip-hop tracks and enjoying their organic new york pizza pie. 

3:- Xi'an Famous Foods: is a family-run restaurant chain serving Chinese food with more than a dozen locations scattered across NYC. This New York Chinese restaurant has gained cult status for its spicy, hand ripped noodles. The lamb cumin dish is very popular along with the cold skin noodles, which regularly sell out on busy days at the restaurant. Prices vary from location to location but rest assured an enjoyable meal can be had for under $15 at this counter-service eatery.

4:- Hometown Bar-B-Que: Fans of barbecue agree that Bill Durney of Hometown Bar-B-Que is grilling up some of the best Texas-style BBQ in NYC. A classic like smoked brisket and baby back ribs are always a great choice, but there are also unique options like lamb belly banh mi and pork belly tacos. The restaurant’s atmosphere transports you to the realm of delicious grilled and smoked meat, with Durney making sure the patrons are enjoying their food and keeping an ever-watchful eye on the smoking meats. The restaurant is counter service only and there's often a wait for food. But for the scene and for the meat, Hometown Bar-B-Que is definitely worth the trip. 

5:- Fiaschetteria "Pistoia": Fiaschetteria "Pistoia" is a cozy Tuscan restaurant that delivers delightful rustic pasta and reasonably priced bottles of wine. All of the pasta dishes are expertly prepared with the freshest ingredients and at $22 and under, it's easy on your wallet as well. For dessert, we suggest ordering the tiramisu as the perfect way to end your relaxing evening of exquisite Italian food and wine.

6:- Tompkins Square Bagel: Tompkins Square Bagel is a very popular sport in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. This quintessential NYC bagel shop is known for its delicious, hand-rolled bagels and amazing bacon, egg, and cheese offering. Tompkins also offers a variety of specialty bagels with unique flavors, along with its wildly popular array of 25 different flavored cream pieces of cheese.

7:- Frank: Frank is named after Frank Prisinzano, restaurateur extraordinaire. He opened Frank in 1998 with the goal of bringing authentic and affordable Italian food to the residents and visitors of New York City. With amazing food and an extensive wine list, Frank’s has become a must-visit for anyone that enjoys Italian food while in the city.

A Bus Trip to and From New York City

Taking a bus trip to New York, NY has been found to be more beneficial, flexible, cheap, comfortable, and safer than any other option that you may be considering. OurBus is one of NYC's favorite bus services and has the highest customer satisfaction among all major bus companies. You’ll enjoy premium amenities that come with a ticket from OurBus:

  • Bus tracking service

  • Free bottled water

  • Free rescheduling

  • Personal power outlets

  • Free internet (Wi-Fi)

All tickets are backed by The OurBus Assurance, the most flexible reschedule and cancellation policy in travel. If your plans change for any reason, you can receive a full refund   up to 30 minutes before the trip when you book direct with OurBus.



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