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Guide to Allentown

Nestled in eastern Pennsylvania, Allentown is a town steeped in history. Allentown is most famous for being the hiding place of the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War. As such, it has become a host for those intrigued by American history and vacationers alike. Discover what the town has to offer for yourself!

Top Attractions in the City:


  • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: Arguably the biggest attraction the town has to offer, Dorney Park is an oasis for children and adults. Spend an afternoon riding rollercoasters in the park, and if you?re here during summer, be sure to spend some time in the water park, Wildwater Kingdom. Open since 1884, this park is certainly a treat to behold!
  • American on Wheels Museum: This museum is as quirky as it sounds. Established in 2008, this museum offers over 75 different types of cars, motorcycles, and trucks. An homage to the industrial past of Allentown, this museum highlights the rise and fall of various types of vehicles. In keeping with its quirky tradition, events held at the museum include the annual ?Bulldog Beauty Contest.?
  • Liberty Bell Museum: As Allentown was the famous hiding place of the Liberty Bell as America fought for its liberty, a museum dedicated to these events is warranted. Learn about the historic events that took place in the very town as you go through the museum?s artifacts, including a life-sized replica of the Bell.

Other Sights to See:


  • DaVinci Science Center
  • Allentown Art Museum
  • Mack Trucks Historical Museum
  • Cedar Beach Park
  • Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum


Places to Stay:


Bed and Breakfasts are the way to go while you?re in Allentown. Explore charming and historic inns, some of which feature their own extensive plots of land.

  • Woolverton Inn: Located just a short drive outside the main town area, this inn offers cozy rooms and its own beautiful garden. Watch sheep graze the fields as you enjoy a warm fireplace or a drink out on the terrace, depending on the season!
  • The Inn at Centre Park: This charming Victorian Inn features beautiful rooms. Experience luxury halls, including a beautiful dining hall, during your stay!




LANTA, or the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority, will take you through Allentown easily and conveniently. Bus tickets can be conveniently purchased at one of three locations within the town.


A one way, one ride ticket is $2.00. An all-day unlimited pass is $4.00 and a 10 day pass is $16.00.




Allentown and neighboring Bethlehem are the main hubs for a night out in this area.

  • Strange Brew Tavern: This tavern is a favorite of locals and visitors. Grab a beer and stay for the food and company. Spend an evening playing classic bar games or hanging with friends. Tavern on Liberty also features an amazing selection of beer and food.
  • Spend an evening at any of the beautiful and historic inns for delicious dinner and drinks. Most inns, including The Inn at Centre Park features an amazing dining hall.




  • Lehigh Valley Mall is the place to go while shopping in Allentown. This beautiful mall boasts all the standard retail as well as high end stores. In fact, this the largest shopping mall in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania!


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