Surprise!! An idea that can actually work!

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us!

Its been few years that I have visited home so this year I thought about giving my parents and siblings a surprise of their life. I am working in New York, and my family is still in Washington DC. I know its not far but with a demanding job, I was not able to travel. I felt guilty about letting my parents down on all the festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. So, I asked few of my friends in Dc to help me in this.

One of my friends owns an upscale restaurant in DC so I asked him to close it for a day but don’t make it look like that and invite my family for a dinner as an invitation to some party. He gathered few of our common friends and planned the whole thing I was only giving instructions while sitting in NYC.

So on the day of arrival, I reached DC around noon and went directly to the restaurant and met with my friends. The plan was solid and we were ready to go with the bang. Around 6 pm my family entered the restaurant. My friends were already there with their counterparts.

Everybody greeted each other then my younger brother asked for the occasion so they said its a surprise. And exactly at that moment I entered the room with a giant cake and shouted a Surprise! Sorry for not being there on the last few festivals and other events. But I am here now and will be here for every event.

That day I saw so many faces with same emotion of love, longing, surprise, among my family and friends. That day I took the oath that I will be there no matter what because family is far more important and precious than anything else in the world.

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