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Door<To>Door Service from Chicago to Champaign Urbana and UIUC

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How to get to Urbana Champaign from Chicago

Imagine stress-free travel from Chicago to Champaign.

Traveling up the I-57 would be a breeze and you wouldn’t have to worry about driving yourself, arranging a ride or pay high fares for the Amtrak train from Chicago to Champaign Urbana.

You could listen to your favorite podcast, catch up on your favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix or even take a quick power nap as you travel to UIUC or another destination.

Imagine if you would get delivered all the way home rather than dropped off at the bus station.

That’s what happens when you travel with OurBus Door<To>Door.


You will be traveling by premier bus service from Chicago to Champaign Urbana. Every OurBus trip is on a modern charter-style coach equipped with free WiFi adjustable seats, power outlets, a sanitized bathroom and a complimentary bottle of water. All of these amenities coupled with OurBus’ collaboration with premium bus companies are to ensure you are provided the highest level of service that has led to OurBus being the highest rated ground travel company on Trustpilot and Google. 


Instead of being dropped off at the bus stop, Door<To>Door service will deliver you to your end destination in either Chicago or Champaign Urbana. You can also arrange Door<To>Door pick up from your home or campus. From the OurBus platform, you can book the bus ride and shared taxis rides that will provide the connection from your pick up point to the bus stop and the bus stop to your end destination. It’s cheaper than a normal taxi and easier than getting a favor from your friend or parent to give you a ride. This service is only available through OurBus. Tickets for OurBus are offered on our website and can also be purchased easily via the OurBus app, available on both iOS and Android. Looking to plan a trip somewhere besides Chambana? OurBus offers an extensive list of intercity bus routes across the United States and we are constantly adding new routes to best serve our customers.  So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets and board your bus from Chicago to Urbana Champaign today!


Chicago to Urbana Champaign Bus Travel FAQs


What is the best way to get from Chicago Illinois to Champaign Urbana Illinois?

There are several ways to get from Chicago to Chambana. The stress-free way of traveling to Chicago from Champaign is taking Door<To>Door service from OurBus. Other options include traveling from Chicago to Urbana Champaign by train or driving.


How long does the bus take from Chicago to Urbana Champaign?

The bus journey from Chicago to Urbana Champaign takes approximately 2 hours. However, this may change due to weather and traffic conditions. Please refer to your ticket for times. 

With quick, guaranteed connections of Door<To>Door, there’s no quicker way to get from home to school and back than OurBus.


What is the driving distance between Chicago to Champaign?

The driving distance between Chicago to Champaign is 135 miles, but why drive yourself when you can take OurBus Door<To>Door?.


When does the bus leave from Chicago to Champaign?

The departure times and ETA are available on OurBus.com or the OurBus App once you search for your origin and destination.


I would like to alter my ticket from Chicago to Champaign to an earlier or later time or date. What do I do with my original ticket?

If your scheduled departure is more than 30 minutes away, you can simply cancel your original ticket on our website/app and transfer the money as stored credit to OurBus Wallet. This credit will reflect in your Wallet immediately and you can use this to book another ticket on our website/app. You’ll need to pay the difference in fare, if any, for a new reservation. Within 30 minutes of departure, please contact our customer service team for assistance.


What's the best way to get to University of Illinois from the bus station at Urbana?

With OurBus Door<To>Door, you’ll have a shared ride waiting at the bus stop in Urbana to take you to your preferred location on campus. It’s purchased with your bus ticket and arranged by OurBus.

This eliminates the need for searching for ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft or taking an Mass Transit District (MTD) bus to campus from the Illinois Terminal at the Champaign Transit Station.

Stroll of the bus and flex into your Door<To>Door taxi for easy arrival on campus.


How do I get a chartered bus rental near me in Champaign?

OurBus taps into a network of high-quality bus owners and operators to be able to find you a charter bus rental in Urbana Champaign at the lowest price. To find out more about OurBus charter hire, see our Charter information and Submit a Request.


Places to Visit in Champaign Urbana

  1. Looking for some way to spend your time while visiting Chambana and friends or family at UIUC? The Spurlock Museum is located at the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana and is an excellent place to explore during your downtime in the city. The Spurlock Museum?s mission is to celebrate the people and places of the world by collecting, preserving, documenting, exhibiting and studying objects of cultural heritage. The museum features 5 galleries with exhibits focused on Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, The Americas and Africa. The Campbell Gallery features regularly changing exhibits and visitors are encouraged to pop in when visiting from out of town to see the latest collection on display.
  2. For those that enjoy all things wine, we suggest visiting Alto Vineyards Champaign tasting room for a truly exquisite experience from one of America?s finest wineries. Alto Vineyards was created in 1988, during a time when very little wine was being produced in the state of Illionios. Since then, the winery has won numerous awards that have included both national and international wine competitions. Many wine connoisseurs visit the Chambana tasting room for the live music played on weekends, the 9 acre vineyard tour or to simply enjoy the scenic views that Illionios has to offer.  

  3. Another museum worth visiting while at Champaign Urbana University is the Krannert Art Museum. This wonderful fine art museum is the second largest in the state of Illionios and is located within the College of Fine and Applied Arts, which is part of the University of Illinois. The galleries of Krannert Art Museum offer a boastful permanent collection of more than 10,000 pieces of artwork that range from the 4th century BC to the present. Krannert Art Museum?s mission is to provide a cultural destination for its guests as the museum provides programming that engages and inspires, consistently presents interesting exhibits for all to enjoy, showcases a diverse rotation of contemporary artists and collects artwork to display and add to its expanding collection.

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