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Door<To>Door Service from Champaign Urbana and UIUC to Chicago

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Champaign Urbana to Chicago OurBus

Imagine-stress free travel from Champaign to Chicago.

Traveling up the I-57 would be a breeze and you wouldn?t have to worry about driving yourself or getting a ride from parents or friends.

You could listen to your favorite podcast, read that book you've been meaning to finish or take a quick power nap so you're refreshed by the time you step off the bus!

Wouldn?t that be wonderful? 

It?s possible when you travel with OurBus!

Imagine if you would get delivered all the way home rather than dropped off at the bus station.

That?s what it is when you travel with OurBus Door<To>Door.


With OurBus Door<To>Door service we offer customers a new way to travel seemlessly from Chicago to Champaign Urbana. Instead of being dropped off at the bus stop in Chicago,  OurBus? Door<To>Door service will deliver you to your end destination in Chicago. This service can also be arranged to pick you up from your home, work or campus. Provided by the OurBus platform,  Door<To>Door allows you to book the bus ride and shared taxi ride that will get you from the bus stop to your final destination with ease. This  Door<To>Door by OurBus is cheaper than a normal tax and easy than asking your friend for a ride. This service is only available through OurBus.


OurBus provides you with a premier bus service that no other bus company can offer. Every bus from Champaign to Chicago is a modern charter-style coach equipped with power outlets, WiFi, adjustable seats, a sanitized bathroom and a complimentary bottle of water for your journey. Each of these amenities combined with OurBus? partnership with premium bus companies ensure that our customers are given the highest level of service that only OurBus can offer. This commitment to excellence has led to OurBus being the best choice for residents of Chicago, business people, students and tourists that are looking for an easier way to travel from Urbana Champaign to Chicago. 

OurBus? Champaign to Chicago service is a perfect alternative to driving for hours on the road or catching a train from Urbana Champaign to Chicago. It?s the perfect alternative when you are considering the hassle free and budget friend option that OurBus offer?s between the two cities. 


Champaign-Urbana to Chicago Travel FAQs

How long does the bus take from Champaign Urbana to Chicago?

The bus journey from Champaign Urbana to Chicago takes approximately 2 hours. However, this may change due to weather and traffic conditions. With quick, guaranteed connections of Door<To>Door, there?s no quicker way to get from school to home and back than OurBus.


What is the distance between Champaign Urbana and Chicago?

The distance between Champaign Urbana and Chicago is 135 miles but the best way to get there is through OurBus Door<To>Door service!


When does the bus leave from Champaign Urbana to Chicago?

The departure times and ETA are available on OurBus.com or the OurBus App once you search for your origin and destination.


What's the best way to get from Champaign Urbana, IL  to Chicago?

If you are looking for a combination of speed, comfort, reliability and affordability, the best way to travel from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, or from Champaign Urbana in general to Chicago is via OurBus? Door<To>Door service. Other options include driving or taking the Urbana Champaign to Chicago train.

How do you get from The University of Illinois Champaign Urbana to Chicago?

The UIUC Campus is about a 4-minute drive from the bus station at Urbana, located at the Illinois Bus Terminal. If you prefer to walk or take the bus, it will take around 20 minutes and is just under a mile from campus.

Coming soon, we will be launching OurBus Door<To>Door, which will allow any OurBus passenger to schedule a shared taxi to the OurBus stop from any location within 5 miles. This transportation innovation will make the ride from Urbanal to Chicago even easier and cheaper!


I would like to alter my ticket from Champaign Urbana to Chicago to an earlier or later time or date. What do I do with my original ticket?

If your scheduled departure is in more than 30 minutes , you can simply cancel your original ticket on our website/app and transfer the money as stored credit to OurBus Wallet. This credit will reflect in your Wallet immediately and you can use this to book another ticket on our website/app. You?ll need to pay the difference in fare, if any, for a new reservation. Within 30 minutes of departure, please contact our customer service team for assistance.


City Tips

  1. CULTURE:If you're looking for a way to spend an afternoon taking in culture from around the world, consider a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago. The Art Institute of Chicago is a world renowned art museum that offers visitors a glimpse at one of the largest permanent collections of art in America. The Art Institute?s mission is to collect, preserve and interpret artwork of the highest quality, while having a collection diverse enough to encompass the world?s wide ranging creative traditions. The public is encouraged to visit for inspiration and to learn about the artistic traditions of cultures from around the world. The Art Institute offers 40 special exhibitions per year to the public and also features daily gallery tours, daily lectures and special performances throughout the year. 

  2. SELFIE LOCATIONS: If you're looking to visit one of Chicago?s most iconic landmarks, check out Millennium Park in the heart of Downtown Chicago. The beautiful lakeside park is home to the exemplary Cloud Gate statue, amazing fountains, the serene lurie gardens, the McCormick tribune ice rink and plenty of open space to do your own thing. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the main hub of the park and features an impressively sculpted bandshell that stands at over 100 feet tall, giving an impressive and surreal background to the many live entertainment shows that are put on during the year, including the millennium park summer music series. The Great Lawn is a perfect place to grab a seat while you watch your favorite band or enjoy some fresh air in the park to relax after a hard day's work. The Crown Fountain is one way to cool off on a hot day in downtown Chicago with ease. The larger-than-life video sculpture features a huge black granite reflecting pool positioned between two 50 foot tall glass brick towers playing digital videos. During the summer the display features Chicago locals playfully spouting water from their mouths as they cool off visitors to the fountain. As you can see, Millennium Park in Chicago is a great place to visit and has something to offer for everyone!

  3. SPORTS: Paying a visit to one of the most iconic baseball fields should be on everyone?s list that is a fan of America?s favorite pastime. While Chicago is host to many of the most well known sports teams in America including the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks at The United Center and the Chicago White Sox Guaranteed Rate Field, nothing quite measures up to the historical significance of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. Nicknamed the Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field lays claim to being Major League Baseball?s second oldest ballpark.

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