What puts the ‘super’ in SuperBowl?

What puts the ‘super’ in SuperBowl?

Can you hear it? The rising excitement in the air? It can only mean one thing, that SuperBowl LVII is getting closer. And as Americans, we can’t have enough of it.

So while we get carried away by the mood of the season, let’s take a moment to see what makes SuperBowl capture an entire country’s imagination.

The most important American Football game of the year

After a grueling 18 weeks, with bone-crunching action over 272 games, it all boils down to this one, amazing spectacle. The Super Bowl is the biggest and most important event in the American football calendar, that brings together a timeless display of skill, courage and determination.

All the glitter and glam

The television commercials that are broadcast during the Super Bowl are legendary and much anticipated. Companies from all industries use this opportunity to get their message out to millions of viewers all around the world, creating memorable ads that will be talked about long after they have aired.
And how can we forget the halftime show: some of the biggest names from the music and entertainment industry take to the stage, and often steal the spotlight from the players. This year, Rihanna’s headlining the show, and really, is there any more we need to say!

Food, family, friends…

Of course, no Super Bowl event would be complete without food and drinks! The best part of any Super Bowl party is undoubtedly the spread that has been prepared – there’s always something available to satisfy every taste. From traditional snacks like chips and dips to gourmet finger-foods like mini pizzas and sliders, your guests will be spoilt for choice! Add the company of friends and family to the mix, and what you have is an occasion to savor and remember.

Together to the game

This year, the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, is playing host to the SuperBowl, and Rally is all revved up to take fans there. Traveling together, in company of like-minded people, while cutting down emissions – now that is a great way to get to the game. Fans can head over to the Rally website to plan their trip, from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and within the state of Arizona – some of the popular Rally points here being Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix. Let’s get there, together.

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