travel hacks for thanksgiving

Travel hacks for Thanksgiving!


Roasted Turkey, cranberry sauce, oyster stew, creamed asparagus tips, pickles, snowflake potatoes, baked carrots, fruit salad… ok ok so I am not going to distract you with astounding and lips making thanksgiving menu, but that is what hovering over my mind from last few days. Ahh! I just can’t get over it. Well, next week wouldn’t be the same as this one, cheerful & smiling faces, parties, incredible dishes; get together would definitely be the reason for our occupancy. Not to forget the New Years and Christmas preparation that will certainly start with the end of Thanksgiving week.

travel hacks for thanksgiving

Flipping the coin and looking at the other side of the scenario, comes traveling that holds a major part if we talk about Thanksgiving. Students, professionals, even the families plan way too before the occasion. Thanksgiving is on everyone’s mind so as the travel plans. Streets all lit, crowded public transportation, packed clubs is a common sight during this time of the year. If you too have planned a Thanksgiving trip with either friend or family, then few things are there to make your trip more exciting with less of stress and drama.

Look at some of the travel hacks:

Quite obvious though, but be smart enough to book ahead of time:

The rush wouldn’t be the same as the normal days so it is highly recommended to book your tickets beforehand and make the most of it by selecting the preferred time and day rather than compromising on your comfort and time.

Stress it out on the long-haul journey:

Travelling can make you tired and stressed, but wise traveling can actually make you more productive. Don’t be surprised, we all have been through worst traveling experience, but involving yourself in productive ways can make that trip amidst one of the best. Carry books, surf the web and grab the best.

Avoid the peak hours:

Yeah, we know how difficult it becomes to travel during the peak hours, so plan wisely and exclude the peak hour to make your travel worthy. Scheduling at least 20 days would save your time and energy, this won’t let you juggle through the websites or ticket booking apps.

Hang a Checklist in the wardrobe:

Forgot your sunglasses? Missed out on your especially brought bag for Thanksgiving at home? Or can’t find the charger in your bag? Well, we all do forget some or the other thing at home when we are in a hurry. I know it feels utterly bad when you left something very important. So, why not prepare a checklist and hang it on the bed or maybe refrigerator to have a quick look at what is left and what still needs to go inside the bag. Trust me that’s the best way to pack your important stuff.

Winding up, I hope this is going to be helpful and make your thanksgiving even better. Happy Thanksgiving peeps!

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