Rally OurBus delivers on its busiest Thanksgiving ever

Rally OurBus delivers on its busiest Thanksgiving ever

Even though a couple of months have passed, it still hasn’t fully sunk in. Thanksgiving 2022 was our biggest travel period so far, and while we had been gearing up for it all year, getting through it was something else entirely.

What made it so special? Well, for starters, we carried a record number of riders on the largest number of routes we have ever served. And we were able to pull it off while maintaining our high standards of customer service and rider safety and comfort.

Streamlining our customer service teams

As 2022 began, we identified customer service as an area to focus on. And through the year we invested in making it a robust aspect of our business. When Thanksgiving arrived, this allowed us to handle an increased volume of inquiries, resolve issues more quickly, and provide more accurate information to customers. Which helped mitigate frustration and increase customer satisfaction, making the ride experience more seamless.

Serving new routes

Our planning team pulled out all stops to identify communities and locations that could be well-served by an affordable and reliable bus service. Backed by in-depth research and a procurement team that gave us the confidence to be able to serve this new demand, we added new routes, especially during peak travel times, like Thanksgiving. We were able to give new riders a more convenient and affordable travel option for their holidays.

Improving the ride experience

We also made an effort to make our rides smoother and more relaxed for customers. By minimizing trip stops, and ensuring that the buses serving the routes were equipped with comfortable seats, clean and well-maintained restrooms, and convenient on-board amenities like wifi and power outlets. We also introduced a new driver app for better coordination with the operations team, and made tweaks to the rider app functionalities to make the travel experience more seamless.

Ground crew into the fray

Anticipating a busy time, we recognized the importance of having a strong and capable ground crew. We coordinated with teams in various cities and assembled a stellar crew to assist riders with boarding the bus and managing their luggage. This made life easier for riders and provided much needed support to everyone.

Looking back, Thanksgiving 2022 was a test, and one that we passed with flying colors. It was made possible by a combination of smart planning, investments in customer service and operations, and a commitment to providing the best possible travel experience to our riders. The synergy between departments was heartening, and we worked together to make this happen. It’s a testament to the power of thinking creatively, working cohesively and an unwavering belief in our customer-focused approach to transportation.


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