Why OurBus should be your No.1 choice for spring break 2023.

Why OurBus should be your No.1 choice for spring break 2023.

As the spring break approaches for students at Carnegie Mellon University, it’s important to start thinking about the best way to get home for the holidays. While there are many travel options available, OurBus is the clear choice for students looking for a convenient, affordable, and comfortable way to get to Tysons, New York and Philadelphia among other destinations.

Travel with comfort and convenience

One of the major advantages of OurBus is the convenience factor. It offers multiple pick-up and drop-off locations on campus, making it easy for students to access the service no matter where they live. Additionally, a user-friendly booking process allows students to easily book their tickets online or through the app. This means no standing in long lines at the airport or trying to coordinate with multiple rideshare drivers.

Low price rides

Another key benefit of OurBus is the affordability. You get competitive prices that are often significantly lower than other travel options, such as flights or trains. This is especially important for students on a budget, who may be looking to save money over the spring break. Along with that, you can also save $15 every ride by using the SuperSaver Pass.

Reliable and safe

Finally, OurBus is known for comfort and modern amenities. The buses are equipped with comfortable seating, WiFi, and outlets for charging devices, which makes them a great option for long journeys. Plus, OurBus has a strong focus on safety, with a live tracking facility on the app, and all modern safety features on board.

All things considered, OurBus is the best travel option for Carnegie Mellon students during spring break 2023 due to its convenience, affordability, and comfort. So if you’re looking to get home for the holidays, keep OurBus in your plans. The spring break schedule is now live. You can check it out here and get started with planning your itinerary right now.

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